Twilight: The Other Story Of Isabella Marie Swan

This is the other story of Isabella Marie Swans life: (before she met Edward)
Teddy is dead, my brother. He drowned in our bathtub. I dont know how to survive his dead, because we werent just brother and sister: we were best friends. I know that Teddy killed himself to make peace between him and our parents, but that's not good enough for me... I wonna know the truth, and I'm sure it's out there, some place...


5. My Story

Next day in school: I’ll do anything for Ed. He has saved my life, now I’ll safe his, and I’ll never leave him cause he owns my heart, and I don’t wonna die. I’ll be here forever, together with my one true love, Edward Cullen. All these years with waiting for a person who could rescue me from a life in a pain and time in vain, has finally found me. He can hold my secret and he knows it. He knows about my past, and he has promised that we won’t ever tell anybody about it and he’ll help never feel that way again. I don’t wonna scare him away, because what should I do without him? When I’d taken on my clothes I’d went to school. “Hey Bella. You wonna do something today, like bikes? Said a voice and I reignited it: Jacob Black, and handsome werewolf. I look around in the schoolyard for some seconds and then I’d answer him: “That sounds great Jake, but I… I have to do something else… Like…” More I didn’t say before Edward came and said: “Hey beauty.” Then he searched for my lips and he’d found his target. “Hey Honey. Are we doing anything today, or?” I asked and Edward was shaking on the head. “No.”

“What the wolf?” Jacob said disappointed. “What the vampire!” Edward exclaimed. ‘Okay now I’m confused, what’s happening?’ I was thinking to myself and then I panicked and said: “What the… Bella?” and then I couldn’t stop laughing, but Edward and Jacob couldn’t see what was so funny. “Well call you later.” Jacob said and disappeared together with a couple of dogs, who were following a car. ‘Take it easy werewolf, I won’t get hurt.’ I was thinking and Edward laughed. “Don’t read my mind.” I whispered. “It’s private.” And then Edward laughed again, and I saw that he weren’t laughing at me, but at Teddy. Yeah, Teddy, my brother who I’d thought was dead, but properly he is a vampire. “Teddy! I’d shouted and ran to him. “It’s so good to see you.” I said and hugged him until he couldn’t breathe anymore, if he was a human. “I’m sorry Bella. I’m so sorry.” He excused and kissed me on the cheek. “Edward bite me and I’d become a vampire. But I wouldn’t see you, I was afraid. Afraid of what you would say if you knew I weren’t dead. You wouldn’t believe me if I said I am a vampire. Would you?” He said and I nodded but wouldn’t answer. Then Teddy disappeared into the forest beside our school.

“Weird.” Edward said and I nodded. Then we went inside school, and started to talk: “Teddy… Is he really alive?” I asked and Edward nodded.” He is alive, it’s just not real for you yet. But he is yes.” “Can I ever see him again?” “Yes of course you can. He is your brother and he lives at my place now.” Really? How great I’ll look forward to meet him again. You know, brothers and stuff. It’s just me; I’m a bit weird, if not much.” “He loves you Bella. Just like me, he just couldn’t live, when he was a human, to many people hated him. He knows that you love him of your heart, and that you’ll always do. He just weren’t strong enough to keep holding on. And I know that you wonna be a vampire… And so you shall. But I have to warn you: There is no way out!” Edward said and kissed me quite fast.

“I’m so happy. I honestly think that Edward has saved my life. He is and will always be my soul mate. He’s a vampire, yes, but I don’t mind. Because he always tells me: Only a vampire can love you forever, but I’ll love you more. So now I’m saved, in his arms. I’ll stop write diary, because I only do that because I am afraid and ad, but not anymore. Now I’ll be a better person, and live my live as I’ve never felt this pain. Teddy is returned from dead, and I have Edward so I can’t be happier. My heart is heeled and my smile is returned, this is my life. I wonna die in Edwards arms, never leave him, and never leave Teddy. I’d wish that Edward could turn me into a vampire, so we could live forever: He, Jacob, Teddy and me, forever.  Edward will always love me, and I’ll always love him.

No more bullshit and no more crying. I’ve got Edward and I’m finally alive. I’m Isabella Marie Swan and this was my story. Isabella Marie Swan… forever!

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