Twilight: The Other Story Of Isabella Marie Swan

This is the other story of Isabella Marie Swans life: (before she met Edward)
Teddy is dead, my brother. He drowned in our bathtub. I dont know how to survive his dead, because we werent just brother and sister: we were best friends. I know that Teddy killed himself to make peace between him and our parents, but that's not good enough for me... I wonna know the truth, and I'm sure it's out there, some place...


1. Me

I’m at my room, just starring in the air, don’t know what to do. I take my phone, just to check that still nobody has written any texts for me, and I’m right, not even a ‘welcome at our new school’ text. Nothing, nothing at all. My life sucks, just to say it as it is. My parents, they’re always mad at me, and I don’t know why, maybe it’s because of Teddy, my dead brother who killed himself in last week. My father has started to drink a lot, and my mother is going down with stress and no one of them cares for me, cause I was the one who’d found him, dead, in our bathtub. My life would be perfect, if anything good would happen, but I think that, the idea is very far away from me, and from every day that pass me, the idea’s just getting pushed longer away from me, what am I going to do? I honestly don’t know, not anymore. I’ve trying with a bit of everything: cutting, anorexia, sadness, angriness and madness but my parents don’t care, they don’t care about me. I’m alone, I don’t have any friends who know this, and actually I don’t have any friends at all. I take my diary out from its hidden place, and I start to write:  ‘Dear Diary, am I ever going to survive this? Or am I going to die now? Should I die instead of being here? Or shall I give this life one more chance? I think that I’ll give it a last chance. My father, his worst of them all, and he always angry at me call, but I’ll never love him anymore, I’ll just try to close the door. Bella Swan’. And then I put the diary away.

I’m at school, and everybody is starring mysterious at me: what’s the news? ‘Isabella Marie Swan, catched naked on photo 0.95$’. I honestly don’t know. I only know that today I’d lost myself in front of everybody and everything: The bell has just ringed and everybody stormed down to the cafeteria: including me. I wasn’t really hungry, but something inside, I think it was hunger, told me to eat, and I wouldn’t pass its way. The popular people in my class always sits at one decided table, while I, the only one who’s not popular, sits for myself by another table, all alone. All the time I’m thinking about Teddy, my brother. Suddenly I can feel something running up by the inside of my neck and I feel sick. Then the sickness comes to real and I vomits up blood, because I haven’t ate for the last three days and my parents haven’t noticed it yet. Everybody stops and stares at me and I’m in panic, so I ran out the school and the whole way home, where I starts to write:

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