Twilight: The Other Story Of Isabella Marie Swan

This is the other story of Isabella Marie Swans life: (before she met Edward)
Teddy is dead, my brother. He drowned in our bathtub. I dont know how to survive his dead, because we werent just brother and sister: we were best friends. I know that Teddy killed himself to make peace between him and our parents, but that's not good enough for me... I wonna know the truth, and I'm sure it's out there, some place...


2. Diary

‘Dear Diary. Today I’d lost myself, in front of everybody and everything, what am I going to do? My friends are killing me inside and my parents, they don’t care. Won’t you please help me? Since Teddy left me, I feel like I’m nothing worth anymore. And I’ve lost control over my body and over my life. He’s gone and my blood is still running and my heart is beating, but it’ll soon stop, because it is teared apart too much. Teddy, is you up there and can you hear me? I’m crying because this life aren’t anything worth anymore, it used to, but now Teddy is gone, gone forever. A part of me wants this life to end right now and the other part wants me to keep on fighting. Teddy killed himself, by drunken in our bathtub, and I was the one who’d found him. One of my only wishes is to see him again, feel him and see that he is a better place now, cause that’s why he’d left me, to be a better place, and to make this place better for me. Cause he always had fights with our parents and they didn’t like him, they best liked me, and I didn’t like them, they just didn’t know, but now, now I’ve told them that because of them Teddy is dead, and gone forever and that I would never see him again, because of them. Teddy didn’t deserve to die, he was a good boy, always did what everybody told him to, but my father, Charlie, didn’t like him, so he hit him when he felt like he had  to, and at last that was to much for Teddy, but I feel sad, cause I’d found him drowned in our bathtub, but on the other side, now he’s a better place, I hope. If Teddy still was alive, then we would properly run away together, away from all this, and everybody. He loved me just as much as I still love him. I won’t believe that he’s gone, because I can feel him, I can feel that he’s still alive, he’s not dead… Is he, dear diary? Well now I have to go to bed, so I’ll see you later, dear diary. Bella Swan’

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