Twilight: The Other Story Of Isabella Marie Swan

This is the other story of Isabella Marie Swans life: (before she met Edward)
Teddy is dead, my brother. He drowned in our bathtub. I dont know how to survive his dead, because we werent just brother and sister: we were best friends. I know that Teddy killed himself to make peace between him and our parents, but that's not good enough for me... I wonna know the truth, and I'm sure it's out there, some place...


4. At Edwards Place

I’d woke up, totally confused in my bed, at 5 o’ clock. Everything is spinning around and I’m not sure that I have enough self-control to stand up on my legs, so I keep being in my bed. When then ten minutes has past, I took on my new dress, sat my hair in a ponytail and starts thinking everything through. “Ready to go.” I said to myself, but the clock is only half past five, so still and hour to I have to be a Edwards place. When I walked past my bed, and I should’ve went through the door, my eyes is cathed by a picture: me and Teddy: ‘we’re standing with our arms around each together, on the playground we always were at, talking about what we’ve felt about the yesterday.’ His smile lights up the picture and my smile is a backup for his, not as big as his, but it could take his place. He’s wearing a blue shirt and some black jeans, and I’m wearing my pink summer dress, my favorite and also Teddy’s. His hair is black, the most beautiful black color I’ve ever seen. But now he’s gone, gone forever, some place I don’t know, yet. When my time comes, I’ll see him again, but now I just have to survive those years, and Edward can surely help me. I took the frame up in my hand and starred for a long time at it… Me and Teddy… forever. I looked at the clock: still a long time for me to be at Edwards place, so I’d turn on the radio, but the radio were full of sad songs, so I took all my CDs with sad songs and threw them out in the trash, and switched to another canal, there for sure wouldn’t make me cry. Then I’d found my red, pretty, high heels, putted them on, turned of the radio and I’d send a text message to Jacob: “Hey Jacob. Are you still sick? Or can you visit me sometime?” and he quite fast answered me: “Yes, I’m fine. And I’ll see you soon…” ‘Mysterious werewolf.’ I was thinking to myself. Then I’d drive to Edwards place.

“Come on in.” Edward said and his words warmth up my ice cold world. Instead of answering him, I’d gave him a quick kiss and suddenly he took of my jacket, lay it on the chair and followed my in to his bedroom. All the walls were colored a beautiful orange color, which told me that he was a loner, until now. His pure eyes were shining in a green color which reminded me about the mellow where I used to lay, but not anymore. While I was starring and wondering what was on Edwards mind, his hand reached mine and I started to shake a bit, because his hand were ice cold. “You’re cold?” He asked, but I didn’t want him to worry, so I said no. but of course he could see that it was a lie. “You are?” He said, and then I realized that if I didn’t told him the truth, then he would never trust me, so I nodded. Quick as the wind he’d ran out somewhere, and came back with a beautiful jacket, that I could borrow. Then he putted it around my freezing body and suddenly I started to get all the warmth back. I smiled at him, and he knew what it meant: thank you.

Then we went for the kitchen, where some delicious dinner had expected us. The dinner stood on the table, with some pretty candles beside it. The candles were white, a beautiful color for candles. “Wow Edward. That looks really delicious. Have you made that for me?” I asked and then I lowered my voice, and Edward said yes. Then he’d turn his face away, just for some few seconds, and then his eyes were cathed in my heart again, which reminded me about Teddy. “Have a sit, please.” Edward said and we both sat down on the soft chairs. “Well, tell me about your family, Bella. Who are they? Are the nice? How you got any brothers or sisters?” He asked and I sank a deep piece of guilt. “Well. My brother, Teddy, drowned himself in our bathtub, not so long ago… And my relationship to my parents, aren’t good. We’re almost… enemies, I guess. You?” I answered and took a bite of the delicious dinner. Then he told me about his family.

‘I love Edward for who he is. He loves me for who I am, and I can never thank him enough. His heart is warming up my cold body, and he’ll always do that. He’s alive, and I wonna be turned into a vampire, by him, so that we can live forever, together. That’s the life I wonna dream about, and I wonna live. I wonna live with the person I love, and I love Edward, of my heart. Edward owns my heart, and he’ll always do that… no matter what. “Teddy, you said? That Teddy? Teddy, has he black hair? And a really big smile?” Edward asked astonished, and I nodded. “I now him, when did he ‘slipped away’?” Edward asked and I answered. “He’s alive! He’s here! Not tonight but tomorrow, he’ll come! He lives here!” Edward exclaimed, and then he showed me a picture.  “That’s him! That’s my brother!” I screamed of happiness. Then I kissed Edward.

When we’d ate all the dinner on our platforms, Edward took my hand and said: “Bella, your eyes are shinning and your heart is pure as gold, and I’ll love you forever. You will always be my Bella.” He said and kissed me carefully. My eyes send him a ‘I’m in love’ glance and he’d return it. “Yes, I’ll love you forever. No matter if I’m vampire, or not. It doesn’t matter, Ed. I’ll love you no matter what.” I said “Here this is for you, my love.” Edward said and presented me the most beautiful necklace I’ve ever seen. There was a lamb and a lion on it: The lamb was me and the lion was Edward.

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