Twilight: The Other Story Of Isabella Marie Swan

This is the other story of Isabella Marie Swans life: (before she met Edward)
Teddy is dead, my brother. He drowned in our bathtub. I dont know how to survive his dead, because we werent just brother and sister: we were best friends. I know that Teddy killed himself to make peace between him and our parents, but that's not good enough for me... I wonna know the truth, and I'm sure it's out there, some place...


3. A New Boy

Next day, I went at school again… I didn’t want to, but because of my new lifestyle, I’d choose to. No one shall ever bring me down again, I won’t. When I went into our classroom, I sat down on my chair, were I usually sits, and waited for the teacher, who should start the lesson. Suddenly a new boy came into our classroom: I’ve never seen him before: His face was pale white and his skin was shining: I don’t know how, but it was. And his eyes, his eyes were green and his glance said: ‘Love me’. His eye browns were brown and his hair also. He wasn’t smiling, but his lips were curled, so I felt like he was smiling at me. He had not seen me yet, but the way he looked around in the classroom, then he would soon see me. And suddenly he walked by me, he didn’t even stop, just walked by me. Maybe he didn’t like me, the way that I liked him? Maybe he didn’t even like me? No matter how much I need to be loved by him, it’s not that worth if he doesn’t like me, because love has to be real, not just because I need him. But this time… this time I knew that there were more than just glances. His love is all I need. He can complete me, he can love me, and he can make me feel special. My parents had made it difficult for me the last couple of years, but I won’t lose any more, it’s time to begin a new life. A new life! The game is over, and I’d win! It’s my life, and I’ll keep on fighting for it, maybe Edward will help me?

“You must be Bella.” He said, putted his right hand in front of himself and I took his hand and welcomed him, now his lips were formed as a smile, and I felt happy. Then I discovered that he should sit next to me in biology, and I couldn’t stop smiling. He had a warm there could complete me, and his smile could make me die. ‘He’s the one.’ I was thinking to myself. The rest of the lesson we just smiled at each other, not even listening to what our teacher said. I felt like I was in heaven, I can't describe with words what that feeling was like, but I think it is love. After school, he came by me while I still was in our classroom. “Bella… I think you’re a really nice person, and I would love to learn more about you, do you wonna go out with me? Do you wonna come at my place tonight at 7 o’ clock and eat dinner?” He asked and I couldn’t believe the words. ‘Dinner with me? Are you crazy honey, I would love to!’ I was thinking “Yeah, I would love to.” I said and then we’d go in each way out of the school.  

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