The Queen and I

Helena is one of Queen Elizabeth I's servants . She has a completely ordinary life, a simple girl working hard and earning her keep for her endlessly long family back at home. Everything has a routine for her and is completely orderly, just how she likes it but when she is accused of a life threatening crime, here whole world turns upside down.


5. Chapter 5

No matter what happens to anybody, anywhere, the world keeps on turning.  The suns continues to shine, the wind still blows, the moon always gleams.... It's then you start to realize you have to keep moving as well or your life will be at a standstill. As the morning brightness streamed into my bedroom, I awoke once more, remembering the fearsome nightmare of last night. I got up groggily and rubbed my eyes. It was a Tuesday, my favorite day of the week because it was my day off. However the idea of having my own thoughts to think and not things like 'put the flowers on the first shelf' or 'fluff the living room pillow' quite annoyed me as I would be forced to think of last night. Groaning softly to myself, I decided that I needed some air. I trudged down the stairs and put my God-knows-how-old shawl on while strolling slowly into the outside world. I picked an area of slightly damp grass that was just peeking into the sun. I layed my back down and closed my eyes. Instead of thinking of the nightmare called last night, I thought of my home, my family. James was the second oldest, he worked hard and barley smiled, mostly like me to be honest. Then, my other brother Henry was the biggest trouble maker ever for he ALWAYS kept me on my toes. I remember when he sneeked over to the local school and stole a loaf of bread from one of the school boys. The headmaster gave him a huge whipping but when he got home, he proudly told me the story and produced the crumpled piece of bread which was drenched with sweat and completly unedibale but none the less, he stuck it into his mouth absolutly blissed about what he did whilst I just stood and stared, dumbstruck. I then thought of my youngest sister, Marley. She was 3 years old when I left and she was my pride and joy. After each day I got home, she ran up to me at full speed, her blood red curls bouncing like springs. Running into my arms, she always gave me a kiss with her little lips on the nape of her neck and whispered in my ear that she thought I was the best person in the world and that she would love me until the moon died. Despite her young age, she made me feel like the most valued person in the world for she is the reason that I keep going. 


 "Miss.Cortin, Miss.Cortin, Miss.Cortin....." the voice whispered. I knew it couldn't be real, I knew it was a nightmare. I had drifted off into a peaceful sleep for once but I knew it couldn't last long. I certainly wasn't about to have another bad dream, though, so I opened my eyes only to find that in a course of two days that my dream was all to real. Just go away, I thought to myself, only to realize I spoke aloud. Turning plum red, I apologized profusely, asking him to spare me. "I''m, sorry sir, please forgive. I'll just be going...." I picked myself off and started to turn away when he yanked my arm, forcing me to face him. I dropped my eyes out of habit, showing him that I was not worthy to look upon his face. "Miss. Cortin, you aren't going anywhere until I apologize for my rude behavior last night. Believe me, I might be a bit of a jokester but I certainly didn't have any wrong intentions in mind."

I was speechless. Nobody, not once in my life who was higher than me had apologized. Baffled, I wiggled out of his grasp and utterly against my whole life's training, I looked up into his eyes and said, very simply, "Thank you." For a few moments, we stayed still as stone, just staring into each others eyes, trying to get a glance into one another's soul. Breaking the silence, he said,"Well, now that we have that out of the way, why don't we go into town and grab a bite to eat?"

"I really actually must be getting back...It would probably get me fired if I was even seen with you let alone shopping..."

"Don't worry, if anyone asks, I'll simply say that I brought you into town to help me with the shopping." and with that he yanked my arm and I didn't resist, ignoring my screaming conscious.


"What would you like, some strawberries or a bunch of grapes?"

"Sir, I really shouldn't be here, please...."

"Shut up already and just choose!" He said, laughing. "You are so uptight, I promise you will be fine!"

I even giggled a bit there. I remember when I was younger how care free I used to be, but that thought brought on a lot of sadness so I pushed it as far out of my mind as possible. 

After we finished buying the provisions, we strolled around the perimeter of the market (we had bought these odd things called bananas instead of grapes or strawberries.) "Miss. Cortin, will you do me the honor of telling me about yourself?"

"I am not really that interesting, what do you want to know?" I asked

"Do you have any siblings?"

"Yeah, five. Three sisters and two brothers."

"Wow, your parents must have been busy..."

"Both of my parents are dead. I raised my brothers and sisters." I blurted out. Why was I telling him all this?

"I am sorry to hear that..."

"Don't apologize, it isn't your fault, it was the landlord's fault...." I was barely whispering now. "They were going broke, little by little. They couldn't afford the rent of the land. The land owner became angrier and angrier. He was a drunkard and one night, while I was sleeping, I heard the piercing scream of my mother. I ran outside to find that she and my father were laying on the grass, blood clotted all over them. There was a lumbering shadow in the distance and I knew it was him. I had wanted to go after him, but I just recall sitting down and the last thing my mother told me was that she loved me before her eyes clouded up. I then started frantically searching for a locket that she always wore that had an inscription of an old French love poem my parents would always sing to me. I never found it and I had nothing left of them..... nothing.  I didn't have the money for a burial, so I did it myself...." At this point, the big, hot tears rolled down my face. Then suddenly, Cole pulled me into a fierce embrace where we stood until the sun set and I had cried out all of my tears.


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