The Queen and I

Helena is one of Queen Elizabeth I's servants . She has a completely ordinary life, a simple girl working hard and earning her keep for her endlessly long family back at home. Everything has a routine for her and is completely orderly, just how she likes it but when she is accused of a life threatening crime, here whole world turns upside down.


4. Chapter 4

I was dancing. I was actually twirling, spinning, twisting. Nobody had noticed us yet for everyone was too distracted by their own partners. Also I guessed that Cole probably wasn't that important compared to everyone else even though at that moment I considered him higher than the Queen. 

"Miss. Cortin, I daresay you look as though you are about to go to an execution! Lighten up, you are just dancing!"

"Actually, Sir, umm... I might as well be going to an execution. For I am not only talking to you, I am dancing! I have literally just signed my death sentence, sir...."

"Well, thankfully for you, everybody is dancing now and the song is almost done, so you are completely safe, I assure you."

I tried to argue, "Really, Sir Cole, I must..." I didn't finish my sentence before he put a single finger at my lips. I looked up once again to those deep, piercing eyes. I flinched when he moved his hand down onto my lower back. Beth's words came flooding back to me. "He has lust filled eyes..." 

I dropped my hands from his neck and backed away. "You are just like the rest of them aren't you? You don't really love, like or appreciate any of us." I whispered, gesturing to myself. "You only want one thing, well I am sorry, Sir, but I am not that type of girl!" I turned my back and stormed away, not looking back once. 



"Oh Beth! You'll never believe it but I had the best and worst night of my life all in one!" I cried. "We were dancing and swaying and then... then...."

"Oh, sweetie, don't say another word. By the way, nobody saw you except I think the crow might of..."

"I don't care if Lydia saw me or not, it only matters that nobody else did. Anyways, the night's over and I am done with speaking of it." I turned my head into my 'cushion' that was made out of old rags and shirts. 

"Actually, Leena, I would be concerned. Lydia might tell Miss. Tune but honestly, I don't think that's the reason why she was watching you."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I am probably mistaken, but I think she fancies Sir Cole.... She looked like she was literally going to break a window when she saw you dancing with him. I mean, I don't know. She is completely unreadable but there is always a chance that she might have a heart..."

"Ugg, get over it Beth and stop makin' up stupid stories to try to make our lives more interesting! She was probably only mad because I got a break and she didn't and she CERTAINLY doesn't have a heart!" Beth went silent and I realized I had yelled at her without even knowing. Too embarrassed to apologize, I just closed my eyes and fell into a restless sleep.


 "To Miss. Helena Cortin:

It has come to my attention that you refrained from completing you duties last night and that you went so far that not only did you talk to someone high above your rank but also danced with this man. You will be dismissed out with no references or good grace and in fact I will be sure to make it known of your doings. You will not be aloud to return to your family, for I am in utter outrage. For this kind of offense, you will be sent to prison. My name has become disgraced and so shall yours.

Miss. Emelda Tune, Head of the Servants Ward 

"Helena, wake up, wake up for havens sake! Shhh, darling, shh, it was only a dream." I was trembling so hard I thought my body might fall to pieces. Crying, still, Beth rocked me back and forth, back and forth. It was only a dream..... Only a dream..... "But," I asked myself, "for how long?"



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