The Queen and I

Helena is one of Queen Elizabeth I's servants . She has a completely ordinary life, a simple girl working hard and earning her keep for her endlessly long family back at home. Everything has a routine for her and is completely orderly, just how she likes it but when she is accused of a life threatening crime, here whole world turns upside down.


14. Chapter 14

I hugged my old shawl tighter around me as I  stood outside in the frigid night air by the tree Cole had met me at the night we went to the play in London. When I arrived home, I found Miss. Tune in tears and when I walked in the door, she nearly crushed my bones in a huge hug, muttering unintelligible words, begging for forgiveness. I cried for a while as well and some of my other friends from the servants ward came down briefly and gave me a hug, too but Beth never left my side. In the end, Miss. Tune herself made Beth and I some tea and we all retreated up into her room. I told Miss. Tune about how Lydia framed me which only made her cry again. Of course, The Crow was no where to be seen which worried me slightly but to be honest, it was the least of my worries. I finally worked up the nerve to tell Beth and Miss. Tune about my relation to Lydia since they were the closest thing I had to family in the castle but I made them swear to never tell anyone else. We talked late into the night yet everyone finally went to bed. I waited about an hour to go outside and hang about until Cole came because I just wanted to hear the soft breathing of Beth sleeping beside me. I guess it was around one o'clock when I finally stepped into the night. I didn't know for sure that Cole would meet me here but my gut told me that this was the place to be.

As I leaned back against the ancient oak, I heard heavy footsteps crunch on the garden floor, coming towards me. "Cole?" I whispered into the night sky. I was suddenly being locked into a crushing embrace and his all to familiar scent of pine needles and warmed honey filled my nose. It was odd that he smelled like that but it was certainly my favorite aroma in the world. "Leena.... I can't even begin to say how sorry I am.... I should have... I-" I silenced him by putting my finger to his lips. He was crying softly and I knew that I too was about to loose myself to tears so I had to get this in quick. "Cole, nobody can blame you for what you did and it was the right thing to do. If I suspected you to be a thief, I would probably be so blinded by anger I wouldn't let you get a word in likewise. I don't care if you helped me get into prison because the thing that matters to me is that you came. You came and saved me. For heavens sake, you even got the Queen on our side! This is all behind us now and you are the only man I will ever want, so don't try to be gallant as let me go because you feel so shameful over not listening to me. Just promise me this. Promise me you will never leave me again." I was crying softly as well at this point and Cole planted a soft kiss on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before he finally got to my lips. The kiss started off soft and gentle before it became needy and rough. I felt electrified all over, tingles flowing up and down my body. So this is what its like to love. Eventually he pulled away and leaned into my ear, his breath tickling my neck, whispering, 

"I promise."



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