The Queen and I

Helena is one of Queen Elizabeth I's servants . She has a completely ordinary life, a simple girl working hard and earning her keep for her endlessly long family back at home. Everything has a routine for her and is completely orderly, just how she likes it but when she is accused of a life threatening crime, here whole world turns upside down.


13. Chapter 13

The word 'wait' is an amazing word. It allows the human being to review its own thoughts about completing an action. The word 'wait' is usually a savior, for example: "Wait, don't shoot the bear!" or "Wait, don't go, I love you." This very word, this simple four letter article of speech can change a persons life. So, in all honesty, I owe my life to this word, because without it, the executioner might have pulled that lever ending my time on Earth.

He was running. He was running towards something. He was running towards me. "Wait, sir, you must not pull the lever!" Cole's face was etched with worry, relief, sadness, happiness, anger and peace all in one. I stood motionless. Maybe I was dead, because in all certainty, this couldn't be real. It wasn't possible that the love of my life who thought I was a thief was putting a stop to my death and it certainly wasn't possible that Queen Elizabeth herself stood majestically behind him. Yet something told me I was still standing on solid ground, that hot blood still pumped through my veins, that thoughts still roamed my brain. So, I tested my theory. "Cole?" I whispered. His head whipped around in an instant and I saw that his forget-me-not-blue eyes were filled with tears. "Leena." He sprinted towards me and started lifting the noose above my head when the executioner  spoke up. "I'm sorry, sir, but I'm afraid I'll have to prohibit you from doing that." Cole's eyes slashed over to his. "I'm sorry sir, but it seems you have the wrong woman in this noose." He snapped harshly. 

"But Sir-"

"I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Blakely, but I'm afraid that Sir Cole is right. This poor child has done nothing wrong, for I should be the one to blame." 

I gasped. The crowd, who were no down and bent on one knee gasped, too. Queen Elizabeth was speaking on behalf of me and she had just said that she was the one to blame. 

"My dear people, how can we blame this innocent girl for her actions when she has learned no better? How can we hang her for a deed that isn't her fault? This child here has done nothing wrong for she was raised without parents on a small farm when all she could do was steal money and food to keep her and her siblings from the clutches of death. The presence of God in her life was little to nothing. She was uneducated about good and evil and she still has no present knowledge of it. My sister put this country into chaos during her rein and the effects of her rule still remain. Children were ignored and not raised properly and it is only now that England is finally coming back together and proper knowledge of our Lord is being applied to our youngest souls. My dear friends, it is not this child's fault that she has not been raised properly. It is effectively me, for I have not kept a closer eye on them. The only charges this child will leave with today are the requirements to attend church and to be educated in the proper way of life." The Queen then turned to the executioner, "Mr. Blakely, please forgive the severe inconvenience I caused you today." Finally, turning to Cole she simply stated, "Good day sir," and with that, she left.

I was shell shocked. The Queen had just saved me and gave my name the innocence it held before. I wanted to run into Cole's arms and sob and laugh all at once but I knew that that would be the most stupid thing I could do. So instead, I simply bowed graciously to him as well as the Queen and walked awkwardly into the stunned crowd. I was nearly knocked over, though, when Beth plowed into my arms, laughing so loud the heavens probably heard it. We stood like that for what seemed to be hours until she finally broke away and said, "Why don't we go get some tea from old Miss. Tune's cupboard, eh?" she grinned cheekily. I just nodded, still in trauma about the days events. As Beth started walking, I turned around quickly to catch Cole's eye. Giving me an almost unnoticeable smile, he winked at me and I knew I would be seeing him shortly. 




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