The Queen and I

Helena is one of Queen Elizabeth I's servants . She has a completely ordinary life, a simple girl working hard and earning her keep for her endlessly long family back at home. Everything has a routine for her and is completely orderly, just how she likes it but when she is accused of a life threatening crime, here whole world turns upside down.


10. Chapter 10

As the carriage started to approach the palace entrance, I automatically knew something was wrong. Wrong filled the air, the streets, the palace..... everything. A little chill went up my spine and I felt myself stiffen next to Cole. He must of noticed because he asked if I was alright. "Yes" I replied, stoically. As the wheels made their final bumps of approach, a sudden calmness came over me. I knew it was all over, this happy life, at least. I didn't know if I would cease living life all in all but I certainly felt, in that moment, that this was the last bit of happiness I would ever feel. I could almost see it, leaking out, flying away. Turning the corner, my breath caught in my throat. "What in heavens name....." Cole muttered. I realized I was shrinking into the corner of my seat although I quickly reprimand myself. If I was about to face my final battle, I may as well go against it head strong. Miss. Tune stood in her night gown and cap and even sitting inside the carriage I felt the tremors of anger rolling of her. Next to her stood the official village constable with a few other men and I saw a large sword being handled by each of them. I needed to tell him. I needed to tell Cole. For a split second, I fantasized that he could get me out of this, he could convince them that Lydia was the one to blame for this mess. He could save me. But that thought was quickly dissipated as I came rushing back to reality. Even though this plan was asking Impossible to cooperate (which in my case, he usually never did) I still had to tell Cole. "Cole...I-"

"Don't worry Leena, I'll sort this out. I have no idea why they are trying to slow us up.

"No...Wait, Cole-" But I was quickly cut off again as the carriage made a final halt and Cole jumped out to go and confront the mini army in front of me. I tucked my head into my neck. This couldn't be happening, I thought. In a minute I will wake up and it will all be over. But unfortunately my dreaming habits wouldn't be saving me this time. 

"What is going on here, sir?" Cole questioned angrily. "We are tired from this day and it seems you are slowing us up by standing here like the dead."

"Well, Sir," the main constable spat, "It seems as though your lass there has gone through with a fairly dishonorable crime. This morning, she was accused of stealing a ruby encrusted brooch that belonged to Her Majesty The Queen. Miss. Tune here had all intentions of reporting her in the morning but when she went up to check on the criminal, she was gone. Of course though, we were quickly informed on the incident and her possible whereabouts and it so happens that we were correct that she would be with you." The constable raised his right hand and pointed an accusing finger at me. "That woman is a thief!" He shouted as his mustache quivered angrily. At this point, I, along with Cole, were stark white. Whipping around, his eyes were full of fear and anger. "Is this true Leena?" he said, barely a whisper. I didn't reply. How could I even start to explain how I wasn't guilty? "Is this true, Miss. Cortin?!" He was yelling now. I knew that he believed the constables story already for he called me Miss. Cortin instead of Leena. A name that was impersonal, bear of any friendliness. Tears started rushing down my face as Miss. Tune had a smug, almost happy look on her face which made my stomach churn. She was like a mother to me, filling in all of those years with like my own mother would've, teaching me, helping me. As the men with the big swords advanced towards me, Cole didn't stop them, didn't reach out and say "NO!" Lydia had finally managed to turn everyone that I was close to against me and for my family, they would soon find out about my sad end and would probably hate me for leaving them. The men grabbed me with a brute force, even though I wouldn't try to fight them. However their violence only made me want to. Struggling and wiggling in their iron grips, I started to become hysterical. "Cole, please, let me explain, my family, my home, you.... I can't leave now, Cole, PLEASE!" His expression was devoid of emotion or care. Looking at him was like a punch in the gut for the man I had fallen in love with was watching from the sidelines as if he didn't mind if I was killed right then and there. 

"Don't call me Cole, thief, I am Sir Jones to you." His voice came out flat and toneless. "You don't mean anything to anyone anymore, you are nothing but a rotten criminal." 

I couldn't breath, I couldn't sob, I couldn't feel. The only thing I managed was a strangled cry before I saw her, creeping through the shadows, laughing silently. Her eyes found mine and she gave me her devilish smile. With that, I was shoved into a pitiless blackness. 



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