Tell me you love me

Cassidy Evans had no idea how her move to Los Angeles with her father would change her life forever. She didn't know that she would find her true love in the city of dreams, and she never knew what love really was, until now.
But the question is if it really just was a game to Brandon. Was it just a stupid bet to him? Or did he really fall in love?


3. When can I see you again?

"Let´s go somewhere more quiet" Brandon said with a smirk across his face. 

I don´t know why I nodded or why I followed him. At that moment I was still lost in those blue eyes of his. If I was sober I would never follow a stranger like that, but I wasn´t sober. And I trusted him. I coudn´t explain it, I just really did trust him.

I followed him to the back of the room, where it wasn´t as crowded. He smiled at me and gently pulled me closer to him. He smiled at me and I just waited for something to happen.

And something did happen. He gently grabbed my face and placed his lips against mine. I was right about him having soft, kissable lips. I couldn´t explain the kiss, or why I let him kiss me. Part of me knew it was a misstake, but the other part of me screamed for more. Somehow I couldn´t say no or push him away. My whole body was in some sort of trance. 

All I wanted was him, his kiss and his touch. I had never felt this way before, it felt so right but also so wrong.

I knew he only wanted me as his one night stand, but I couldn´t let him go. Instead of pushing him away from me I pulled him closer and the kiss got more intence.

I could feel his hands all over my body, but I didn´t mind. I didn´t care about the consequences, I just wanted to feel him close. 

Brandon started kissing me more intensively and I soon felt the wall behind me. I could feel his smile against my lips as my body was between him and the wall behind me.

Suddenly I felt my phone buzzing in the pocket of my jacket and I stopped kissing him, stepping into reality again. My eyes got wider when I relized what I just had been doing. I had kissed a complete stranger! A stranger that surely didn´t want anything more than sex. My smile dissapered and I saw who the caller was. My dad. I answerd but didn´t move from the spot between Brandon and the wall. 

Brandon looked confused when I answered, but I didn´t think much of it.

"Dad? I thought you were working?" I said with a confused expression on my face.

"Yeah I was, but I´m done now, and I really think you should get home and unpack" he said and I could hear him smiling. 

Yes, I hated to move, but I couldn´t tell him. He was too sad after mom passed away and if this was what he wanted, I would be okay with that. 

I let out a small sigh at the thought of unpacking all of my things. That would take a long time and I was too tired to do that.. But I did need to tell Brandon something if I was going to leave...

Brandon started kissing my neck very gentle and i bit my lip so I didnt make any weird sound while I was talking to my dad.

"Do I have to do it right now?" I asked and Brandon smiled against my neck. He probably thought I was trying to make my dad say OK so I could stay with him, and part of me was thinking about it. The part of me that wasn´t sober thought of it that way, but the part of me that was just didn´t feel like unpacking right now.

Brandons lips kept giving me small kisses and moved his lips along my neck and shoulder.

"No, but I would like to see you, you know... We can watch a movie and buy pizza if you want to?" My dad suggested and I smiled.

"Sure dad... I´ll be there in a bit" I answered and my dad laughed. He knew I loved our movienights.

"Okay, see you soon pumpkin" he smiled before we hang up and Brandon looked at me with his eyebrows raised. 

"I have to go, my dad want me to be home" I said and he nodded slowly.

"So when can I see you again?" He smiled and I shrugged with a small grin.

"Here, give me your phone" He said and I gave him my phone without thinking. He wrote something and took a picture of himself. When I got my phone back I saw that he´d put his number in my phone. I smiled when I saw it and he gave me his phone.

"Will you give me your number too `pumpkin`?" he smiled. He obviously heard my dads nickname for me and i giggled and wrote my number before I handed his phone back. I had gotten that nickname when I was little and I always wanted to bee a pumpkin for Halloween while my friends would go as a prinsess or as a flower. I guess I was a weird child...

"Wait, I need a picture" he smiled at me and I sighed but smiled to the camera of his phone and when that was done I looked at him with my eyebrows raised.

"Can I go now?" I asked with a little smile and he laughed and nodded.

"Sure, see you around pumpkin" He laughed and I shook my head with a smile before I left the club. I could still feel his eyes on me the whole way to the door, and it made me smile.

Part of me really hoped I would see him again. I couldn´t explain it, I just felt like I had to see him again. 

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