Tell me you love me

Cassidy Evans had no idea how her move to Los Angeles with her father would change her life forever. She didn't know that she would find her true love in the city of dreams, and she never knew what love really was, until now.
But the question is if it really just was a game to Brandon. Was it just a stupid bet to him? Or did he really fall in love?


1. The big move

So this was where I was going to live... Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic hous, it was big and light and it even had a gym and a pool! But it wasn't my old home in Atlanta. This was my new hous in Los Angeles.

I had lived in Atlanta for almost 15 years  and all of a sudden me and my dad were moving? It didn't feel right... All the memories from when I was younger was from Atlanta: the first time I rode my bike, when my mom took me to the big aquarium because she knew I loved sea animals, my first kiss, first heartbreak... 

I let out a small sight of the memory. Aaron, my first heartbreak, had convinced me that he loved me before he told me he didn't feel the same and that he didn't want a relationship with me. By the time he broke up with me, I really thought he loved me. I was happy and my biggest worry was the math test that was coming up.I even thought he would be the one I would marry, the one I would love for the rest of my life. 

But that was not what would happen... When we were going out celebrating our 2 year anniversary, he told me that he felt like his feelings weren't the same anymore and that we needed to take a "brake" and meet other people. Off course I was devastated and told myself never to fall in love again. 

Well, it didn't take long before I fell in love again, despite my promise. This time it was a guy named Nick. He was a couple years older than me and only got together with me for sex. At that point I was only 15 and when I told him no, he said he wanted to brake up. Remembering how hurt I got the last time I said OK, but after he took my virginity he didn't call or text me for weeks. I chased him around like a little puppy but he just told me to back off and leave him alone... I did but he never came back. 

Now I was 17 and I never wanted to trust anyone again. The only one I truly trusted was my dad. We had always had a good relationship and when my mother died, we became even closer. We basically had to. With my mom gone, he had to spend more time with me, and less with work, and I had to be there to support him to help him trough moms death. I still cried almost every night and had bad dreams very often. I frequently woke up all sweaty and crying and screaming my mothers name.

I missed her a lot but I had to stay strong for dad. He couldn't see me brake down, not when he missed her just as much. She died in cancer only two years before this big move and neither of us had stopped missing her and thinking about her.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and looked in the hallway mirror. The house was already decorated with furniture, such as sofas, the tv, mirrors, beds, chairs, tables and so on. 

I was wearing a pretty floral dress with a jean jacket and off course, the bracelet my mom gave me when I was a kid. My hair was curdled but still went to my waist. I had brown, naturally curled hair and light blue eyes. 

I was only wearing a little bit of makeup, although I was going out. I didn't need too. Much makeup, really... I looked pretty good even without makeup.

I really wanted to go out dancing and letting loose for a bit. I just loved dancing and singing, and pretty much anything that has to do with music. That shouldn't be a surprise, because my father was a well-known music producer, so I grew up with music around me. 

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror before I left the house. My dad already knew I was going out and he was working anyway.

I went out the door and drove to a nigh club that wasn't far away. When I stepped into the club I smiled and walked towards the bar. What I didn't know, was that Brandon sat on the other side of the club with his friends, in this very moment.

And I had no idea that he would change my life forever.


Hey everyone! This is my first Movelle ever, and also the first English story I'm writing so I hope you'll like it!

Comment and follow this story if it sounded interesting!

lots of love Felicia :)

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