Tell me you love me

Cassidy Evans had no idea how her move to Los Angeles with her father would change her life forever. She didn't know that she would find her true love in the city of dreams, and she never knew what love really was, until now.
But the question is if it really just was a game to Brandon. Was it just a stupid bet to him? Or did he really fall in love?


4. Surprise!

The sunlight was shining through the curtains and I slowly woke up. I looked at my alarm clock and realised that I could still sleep for a half-hour, but I was already too awake. 

Today was Monday. It was the first day in my new school and was pretty nervous... I didn't know anyone in this town, what if it would be one of those schools where everyone acted like they were all tough and mean? What if they hated me?

I let out a small sight and stood up of the bed. I went over to my walk-in closet and picked out my outfit: A white T-shirt with a V-neck and dark skinny-jeans. Then I took a cardigan in the colours black and brown and also some jewelery.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled a little. I looked around the room and smiled even bigger.

the night I got home from the club had been Saturday night and me and dad had ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies before we both fell asleep on the couch. 

I had then spent the whole Sunday unpacking everything in my room and now all my things were where they should be.

And no, I hadn't stopped thinking about that night in the club. I couldn't stop thinking about the kisses, the dancing and Brandon. I wondered what he looked like in the daylight... Bet he looked just as good.

I went downstairs and ate some cornflakes with berries and milk. When I had eaten breakfast  I went upstairs again and brushed my teeth and fixed my hair and makeup. 


When I was all done there was still an hour left till school started. But I was supposed to be there a bit earlier to get my schedule and locker and stuff like that.

I was soon parking my car in front of the extremely big high school. There were people everywhere and many of them looked at me while I walked through the school to the principals office.

"Hi, I'm Cassidy Evans... I'm new here and supposed to pick up my schedule?" I said to the old women sitting behind the desk. She was smiling at me and nodded.

"Off course dear! Let me just find the things... You're a Junior right?"  I nodded and smiled a little. "Yeah"

she gave me some papers and I saw it was a schedule, a map over the entire school (it was HUGE) and she also gave me a key and a lot of books.

"Your locker is number 561, right down the hall to the left" she smiled and I smiled to. "Thank you" I said and walked out the office to find my locker. I soon found it and put my books in there. I looked at my schedule and let out a small sight. Biologi.

I made my way through the halls but couldn't find the classroom. Suddenly a girl came up to me. She had a big smile on her face  and I could see her holding the same books as me.

"hey! You're new here right?" She smiled and I nodded. "Yeah" I answered and looked at her. Who was she?

"I'm Krissy Harolds" she smiled and I looked a bit confused at her. Why was she being so nice? She didn't know me?

"I'm Cassidy.. Evans... But most people just call me Cassie" I said and she nodded.

"nice to meet you!" She then said and I smiled a bit. "Nice to meet you too!" I smiled.

"come on, Mr. Barrill hates it when people are late." She then said and took my hand. She led me to a classroom and I was happy that she came to my rescue . I sat down besides Krissy and looked around the classroom. 

Then someone I'd been thinking about since the night I met him stepped into the room. My heart skipped a beat as our eyes met and I couldn't stop staring. It was Brandon. He smiled at me but I was too shocked to say or do anything.

He sat down a couple of seats behind me and I just looked at Krissy. "Who was that?" I asked, just to be sure. But she didn't have time to answer before my phone started buzzing on my desk. I saw the picture that Brandon took that night shining on my screen and turned around. I could see Brandon smiling at me, holding his phone to his ear and I realised it really was him.

the boy I thought I'd never see again... And now he sat just a couple of meters away from me?

Krissy looked at me with a surprised face. "You know Brandon?!" She whispered and I smiled a bit. "Ehm... Not really..." I mumbled, still overwhelmed by the thought of him being so close.

This would be VERY interesting.

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