Tell me you love me

Cassidy Evans had no idea how her move to Los Angeles with her father would change her life forever. She didn't know that she would find her true love in the city of dreams, and she never knew what love really was, until now.
But the question is if it really just was a game to Brandon. Was it just a stupid bet to him? Or did he really fall in love?


7. Show me true love

It wasn't the fist time I lied to my dad, but I still hated doing it.

I had told him that I would spend the night at Krissys house, and since he was such a good father, and wanted me to spend time with my new friends, he said OK. I felt guilty but I really didn't have a choice. He would never let me go to a party on a monday night... Even if we didn't have school tomorrow because the teachers had an education day.

Now I was standing in Krissys very messy room trying to make a perfect line with the eyeliner while she was trying on almost every clothing item she owned. This party was a huge deal for her, apparently. "ughhhh!" she cried out. "I don't have anything to wear!" she kept growling but I just smiled at her "I liked the black dress! You could have the bracelets with it" I suggested and she thought about it for a bit. Then she sighed and sat on the bed. She watched me apply my makeup for a couple of seconds before she smiled a bit.

"I wish I looked like you... You´re always so pretty!". Her words made me laugh and I turned to face her. "Well, I think you´re really pretty too! And I think you would be extremely hot in that black dress" I smiled and she bit her lip before she got up and put the black dress on.

I was wearing high wasted jean shorts with a pretty crop top, jewelry, white converse and a cardigan, if it got chilly.

When we where done we drove to Brandons house. It was a big house with a pool and huge backyard. That was where the party was, even hough there were people everywhere inside the house too. The music was loud and people were laughing, talking, dancing, drinking from cups and making out in every corner.

That was the first time I saw Krissy being shy and nervous. There were a lot of older kids here too, kids that I didn`t recognize from school. I soon found Brandon in the big crowd and he smiled and waved. I waved back too before I took Krissy by the arm and we went to talk to him.

"Hey! You came!" He said happily. I shrugged and smiled a little. "Well, why not huh?" was my answer. He smiled and wouldn't look away from my eyes. I didn't really mind though, I liked his eyes too...

"Ehm, I´m gonna go take a drink" Krissy smiled and I looked away from Brandons hypnotizing eyes and snapped back into reality. 

"I´ll come with you!" I quickly said, not wanting to be alone with Brandon and followed her to a table with cups. I didn´t know what was in the cups, but I soon found out it was some kind of alcoholic drink. 

I didn´t really mind though. Neither did Krissy. After a couple of drinks I started to feel all warm and a bit dizzy. Krissy seemed to feel the same and we soon stood on the middle of the dance floor and danced to some of my favorite songs.

When Avril Lavigne´s song "Heres to never growing up" came on a huge smile spread across my face I started sining with Avril and soon the whole party was dancing and singing. Someone shoved me up on the table and I sang loud and clear.

Since my dad was a music producer I had always been singing and playing instruments and I was actually really good at singing.

A lot of people looked at me with surprised faces when they heard me sing, but I didn't mind.

Suddenly the song ended and Brandon smiled at me and offered to help me down. I giggled and took his hand so that he could help me down. "Wow! I didn't know you could sing like that!" He laughed and I just kept giggling. "Thanks" I simply smiled.

Ed Sheeran´s song "Kiss me" came on and I looked up into Brandons eyes. People around us embraced each other in a slow dance and  Brandon smiled at me before putting his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and closed the distance between our bodies. We slowly moved around and I carefully watched his face as he smiled down at me.

"You´re really pretty tonight" He smiled softly and I smiled and blushed a bit. I turned my eyes to the ground so he wouldn't see it but he just grinned and I soon looked into his eyes again. 

There was something about these eyes... They were so... Intense. It made me shy even if I wasn't really the shy type of girl. When the song was coming to an end, we both leaned in , causing our lips to meet. It was a soft kiss, like if he was afraid to breake me or something. I started kissing him more intense and our lips moved together as one.

I didnt realize what I was doing really, I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Like we were meant to kiss. Like I needed his lips against mine to survive.

And maybe I did, in that moment. It just felt right. It felt so incredibly right, like this was meant to be. Maybe I needed him to show me love.

Little did I know, it was all supposed to be a trick.

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