Tell me you love me

Cassidy Evans had no idea how her move to Los Angeles with her father would change her life forever. She didn't know that she would find her true love in the city of dreams, and she never knew what love really was, until now.
But the question is if it really just was a game to Brandon. Was it just a stupid bet to him? Or did he really fall in love?


9. How do you feel?

We soon got to the club where the bands were playing. The music was loud, the crowd was happily jumping up and down to the beat. Brandon took me to the bar where he bought us both some beer. We danced our way into the middle of the crowd and started dancing to the music. The bands were actually really good, and I had a fun time.

In the middle of the whole thing we looked at each other and I slowly leaned in to kiss him. But for some reason he looked away so I could´nt kiss him. I didn't know why he did it and got extremely confused since he'd already kissed me at the party and then asked me out on this date. Why wouldn´t he want to kiss me NOW?

The whole thing became very awkward but I didn´t say anything about it.

We stayed in the club until 2 AM and then he drove me home. When we came to my house he walked to the door with me and I smiled at him. 

"I had a great time tonight, tank you" I said and he smiled. "Me too". He suddenly became very quiet. I bit my lip, not sure if I should just go inside or what to do. 

Brandon surprised me by kissing me passionately and I put my arms around his neck as he put his around my waist and pulled me closer. When the kiss was over I looked at him with a little smile. "Goodnight" he smiled and I bit my lip lightly. "Goodnight" I smiled and kissed him quickly before going inside the big house. "Cassie?" My dad said from the living room. "Yeah, its me!" I yelled back. "You're home late?" he said with his brows raised. "I was out" was my answer as I ran up the stairs. "Goodnight!" I said and he barely had time to give me an answer before I shut my door and layed on the bed. I was smiling and giggling.

This had been the best date ever. But I still didn't really know how Brandon felt... Abut us. If there even was an "Us".

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