Hidden. (boyXboy)

Alexander is a very quite boy, he doesn't go that around with anyone, his like all alone at his school, it's not like he don't like anyone, he just not feel welcome at his school. Alexander is gay... But no one knows and he don't want anyone to know.
Alexander is secretly in love with the most popular guy in the school, his name is Andy, but Alexander can't get to him, it's like he doesn't exist for Andy. Alexander is sad everyday and fights with his feelings, trying to ignore the feeling he gets when he sees Andy.. But it's hard, and everything is chaos.


3. No... It was not... I see

The next morning I just laid in my bed... Thinking, was over happy, I couldn't stop thinking of Andy... His lips touching mine, so perfect. I was sooo happy I could die, just now.. Right now.. But no, I couldn't kill my self, cause then I would never see him again. I stood up from the bed and smiled at myself in the mirror, *Not bad* I thought to myself. I took a few steps back when my door got open and my mom walked in and smiled at me. 


"Morning sweetie. Thought you wasn't awake so I would just take a look... But breakfast is ready"


I smiled at my mom and gave her a short nod. But actually i wasn't that hungry at all, as always, but this time was different, this time I was just nervous, but not bad nervous, no I was good nervous. My life took a turn and i was happy. I said to my mom that I wasn't hungry before she got out, she just gave me a nod and smiled. I began to fix my hair and got my clothes on, much like the clothes I got yesterday. 

I got down from upstairs and to the kitchen to say goodbye to my mom... But she wasn't there, did she go to work already... That was weird, she didn't used to, not so early. I just took it as she just got an early-call.

I took my school bag and walked out of the door with my face high and began to walk towards my school. It wasn't that long away from my house. 


I came to the school, all was normal, now one talked to me, but that was still okay, cause thats was the point, no one should know anything about Andy and my kiss, thats was the deal we made before he left. I couldn't stop feeling the paint he caused me by walking away, but i knew we were going to see each other again, after the school, he made his promise before he left. 

I took a deep breath and walked in to the school and there he was, like always, standing with his friends and talking. I walked just by him, looked up at him, but like always he was not seeing me, it was a bit weird, cause, yea he had said that his friends shouln't know anything about this, but he could at least look at me.. I gave a little sigh from me and walked by.

I walked in to the classroom, everything was like before, not that I had expected anything else. I sad down at my normal seat. In the dark corner of the classroom, were no one could see me, not even the teachers, a great place. 


After the classes I had been to I walked away from the classroom and out of the school. Behind the school where he said we would meet. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, I was so excited and I could wait any longer. I said down on a big rock to wait for him, he will come soon, I know he will. 


After an hour I began to loose hope... He hadn't showed up yet, I was so broken, I couldn't understand, why hadn't he come, he could at least had came to me and say if there was some other things that he had to do. I began to cry, I cried silently so no one could hear me. I took my legs up to me and slowly slide down the rock I was sitting on. I was sitting on the grass and just sat there for a while. But then I decided to go home. It was late and my mom would just be nervous if I didn't come home soon. I stood up and began to walk down to the school and walked home by there. I spotted Andy up at the school with his friends. I looked at him and stopped. He was standing right there... Then why didn't he came to me... I got angry, I could feel it in my body, running through my body... I got red with anger and I walked, yea, almost run up to him and stood there infront of him. Looking up at him was the hardest part. He was so tall and I was so small, he could smash me any minute. I didn't care he stood there with his friends, I was angry, I was so sad. His friends began to laugh, so did he and I got even more angry. I couldn't stop myself, it just came out of me. 


"Why didn't you show up, I waited an hour for you, and you didn't come" 


Shit... It became all quiet, even the friends who just used to laugh after he was finished. I sank, and looked up at him with a sad look. He look back at me with his killer eyes, the ones I got before. Suddenly he took my arm and pulled me back, behind the school, pushed me against the wall. I began to cry, of corse... Dammit... Why did I always cried. He look at me when he said..


"Who the fuck are you!? I don't even know you and you think its okay to stand there in front of my friends, making me look like an asshole!?"


He yelled angrily at me, I began to cry even more. I think his friends was going home, cause i couldn't hear anything. And they would have come with him behind if they wasn't about to go home. I lot a sigh going over my lips when I could feel a heat, a heat with pain running in my left cheek. Did he just hit me? I looked up at him in surprise. I was stunned, silent, how could he hit me. 


"Andy... You don't remember me... We where in the woods... We kissed... Alexander... Don't remember?" 


I asked with sadness in my voice. He look questionably at me and shocked his head. He didn't remember me... Oh god, what had happen... Had it just been a dream... No it couldn't... I felt it, it was all real, he had been there, kissing me... It hit me so hard when he talked to me again, like an spire right trough my chest. It gave me a bad taste in the mouth and i began to cry again. 


"I don't fucking know you boy! And to get one thing straight... Why would I kiss you, I'm straight, and I have a girlfriend.. Okay... You must have been connecting me with another." 


He lot go of me and walked silently and slowly away from me, leaving me crying on the ground. I was a ball right now, after this i couldn't get myself together but I began to walk home slowly. My mom was home, she took care of me, cause she could see that I wasn't that happy that day... I was broken, terribly broken. It was real. I knew it wasn't a dream... So... Andy must have lied to me... It was real.. Oh god.. I laid in my bed, crying out loud. making my mom come to me all the time cause she thought something terrible was happening. I couldn't sleep that night, I was to broken. 

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