Hidden. (boyXboy)

Alexander is a very quite boy, he doesn't go that around with anyone, his like all alone at his school, it's not like he don't like anyone, he just not feel welcome at his school. Alexander is gay... But no one knows and he don't want anyone to know.
Alexander is secretly in love with the most popular guy in the school, his name is Andy, but Alexander can't get to him, it's like he doesn't exist for Andy. Alexander is sad everyday and fights with his feelings, trying to ignore the feeling he gets when he sees Andy.. But it's hard, and everything is chaos.


1. Keep it secret.

I've been watching.

I've been waiting.

In the shadows, all my time. 

I've been living.

For tomorrows, all my life. 


Slowly I woke up from a good night sleep, or half good... I dreamed... Again about him.. Andy... Oh.. He is just... Gorgeous... I wished he was mine, I could do anything with him, touch him, kiss him, be good with him, I would do anything for him, anything he told me to I would do. I let a sigh cross my lips and I raised from my bed. Slowly i walked towards my mirror, I looked at myself and gave myself a short smile... I messed a little up my long black hair and took my brush, and brushed it through so it sat nicely. 

I got in my clothes. A black T-shirt with a sweet teddy bear on... So sweet! I thought. I took my black, skinny jeans on and my converse, black also, of corse. I got ready finally and took my schoolbag while running down to the kitchen where my mom stood making food to me... But again I didn't feel that hungry to eat anything. 

My mom turned to look at me, she gave a sigh and smiled at me. She could with the very first look, see that I wasn't hungry at all, but I was so skinny, I could see it my self, yes, but when I wasn't hungry, I wasn't hungry. 

She gave a short wave and I smiled big at her and ran out of the door, happy that she didn't forced me to eat anything. I got the best mom... I must say, or that is what I think. 

I walked slowly down the street to the school... My school... Not the best school, but not the worst either. I wasn't that much with people, I was the one who just walked alone, but a bit of me was fine with that. 

I walked up to the school doors and walked in with many other teenagers like me, I was kinda unknown... Nobody didn't really know who I was, but I had been there since the very first beginning. 

The first I saw when I came in was him... Andy, standing right next to his crew... Omg... He was sooo perfect, look at him, perfect skin, white, perfect body, he was just as thin as me, skinny. His hair... Long and all black also alot like me... But the thing is, that he isn't like me, he was popular... And I was kinda... Outcast.. I sighed and walked quickly past him to the classroom where my first class was soon beginning. 


I couldn't take this anymore... The class we just finished was english and of corse Andy also had that... I had looked at him the hole class through and he didn't once notice me or looked like he knew that i was looking... He was totally ignoring me... I was so broke inside, I could cry right now. He would never notice me, I was air. 

He had never notice me, from the very first beginning he took one look at me, and he never looked at me since then, it was like he got scared away... or was i just that disgusting that he couldn't even look at me... I sighed and walked out of the classroom. 

I was totally in my own mind when I suddenly walked right in to someone... Someone which had the greatest soft chest, pure white skin and was very tall... It was Andy... I gazed up, he was taller than me, it was kinda freaky... He looked down at me and I just stood there, said nothing, what should I say, I had nothing to say... Um. 


"Oh... Um... Sorry. I was in my own mind there... My bad" 


I said quickly and right after thousands of laughers got to one when all Andy's crew including him self was laughing at me. I could hide right now, in the smallest hole ever, I swear, it was so scary and so embarrassing at the same time... I just looked up at Andy, little me and suddenly we got eye contact.. He stopped laughing but his crew didn't the just laugh. But him, he was looking right in to my eyes, he gave me a look I never had seen before, it was a killer look, why did he sent that to me, what did i do to deserve that kind of look. Before I knew it my legs carried me away, fast, I ran as fast I could, out of the school doors and right outside behind the school where a big wood was. That was where I usually came when I was sad... Um., that was actually everyday.. But still. I ran deep inside the wood and sat on a big rock and began to cry out loud cause I knew that no one could hear me, and I just want to get out with all my feelings. His first look at me, I didn't expect that it was that kind of a look he would give me the first time... But it was. I cried even more when I thought about it. But suddenly i heard a noise not long away from me.. Who could it be.



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