Hidden. (boyXboy)

Alexander is a very quite boy, he doesn't go that around with anyone, his like all alone at his school, it's not like he don't like anyone, he just not feel welcome at his school. Alexander is gay... But no one knows and he don't want anyone to know.
Alexander is secretly in love with the most popular guy in the school, his name is Andy, but Alexander can't get to him, it's like he doesn't exist for Andy. Alexander is sad everyday and fights with his feelings, trying to ignore the feeling he gets when he sees Andy.. But it's hard, and everything is chaos.


2. Is it real?

The noise came closer and as I just was about to stand up and run, I saw Andy walking through the wood, trying to find me? I was surprised... Really surprised... He got an eye on me and stood still for a second but then walked closer to me. He stopped a pair of meters away from me. I was stopped crying and was quite just looking at him. The boy in my dreams was standing right infront of me. I stood up slowly from the rock and walked slowly back. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't think clear, he wasn't coming here for just a talk was he... No he was too cool for that, he came here to kick my ass... Didn't he... 


"Sorry... I.. I was in my own world...*


I said quick, så quick I trembled over some words. He gave me a quick small and walked closer towards me and just raised his shoulders and relaxed again. He shocked his head like he didn't care what came from my mouth. He just looked at me and... Looked... After a bit of time he finally talk to me. 


"It's okay.. Easy, I will not hurt you dude" 


He began to laugh again and I crouched, he stopped at the same time he saw me crouched and looked apologizing at me with his dark brown eyes, his long hair was going over the other eye, but it didn't matter, cause then I could focus on one eye and be even more hypnotized by his beautiful eyes. He walked over to me and looked down at me and whispered quietly in my ears. 


"It's me to apoligize... I didn't see all the times you have looked at me... But i see it now..."


I blushed extremely and looked down at the ground. I could see a smile from him and he lift my head so he could look right in two my sea blue eyes. I looked at his lips... His soft lips, and it seemed that he had noticed that, cause as I moved my sight back to his eyes, his lips was moving towards mine and kissing them. I blushed again... Damn that blushing... I answered his kiss softly and there I stood with my dream boy, kissing... He was gay too? He had to be since he kissed me.. 


After a bit of time, he left the woods to go home and i did that to after he walked out of the wood, cause we just kissed and he didn't want his friends to see us together... He said that before he left me... I was beginning to go home... I was happy for the first time of my life. He kissed me. 

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