Hidden. (boyXboy)

Alexander is a very quite boy, he doesn't go that around with anyone, his like all alone at his school, it's not like he don't like anyone, he just not feel welcome at his school. Alexander is gay... But no one knows and he don't want anyone to know.
Alexander is secretly in love with the most popular guy in the school, his name is Andy, but Alexander can't get to him, it's like he doesn't exist for Andy. Alexander is sad everyday and fights with his feelings, trying to ignore the feeling he gets when he sees Andy.. But it's hard, and everything is chaos.


4. A dream or a lie?


I didn't feel like leaving bed at 7 am in the morning, I didn't want to go to school, not today, I hated it now, I would never be able to look at him again. I was so embarrased and heartbroken about yesterday, but I had to go to school, or my mom would kill me, she didn't like me skipping classes. 

I left my comfortable bed and put on some clothes so cover my body, I didn't put on any fancy, just some jeans and a t-shirt, I packed my bag and ran down to put on my converse. 

My mom wasn't home, she was at work again, but that was okay, I didn't want to talk to anyone anyway. 

I left the house in a hurry to get to the school before anyone else, it was better that way. 
Once I came to the parking lot, he was already there, alone, he was waiting for his friends, I could see that, his eyes wandering from site to site to see if they were coming, luckly for me, he didn't even see me, so I just walked right past him, it was weird that he didn't even notice me, I was right beside him when I walked by, but I was just air to him now, I got it. 

Though I took a look back, just to see him again, I gasped, he was looking right at me. I looked away and ran inside, I didn't want to have a conversation with him right now, I was to weak to even talk to anyone. 
I walked to my classroom, english was my first class of the day, I hated school right now, I hated everyone right now, and that was just because of HIM! Because of ANDY! I hated that name... It gave me a bad taste... Or did I really hate him, wasn't it just because he didn't want me, and I was just heartbroken, I could never hate Andy... Because.. I love him. 
Suddenly the classroom door opened and Andy came in, I forgot we had English together now. He didn't have his friends with him, that was kinda weird. 
I looked shortly at him, but quickly back down, shortly after I could hear a laughter, and it came from Andy. I stiffend, why did he laugh, did he see something funny, sure..

"It's funny watching you being so scared of me, you know that?" 

He said, and laughed again, thats when I figuered that he laughed and talked to me... I froze, but suddenly began to shake. I didn't want any trouble, not right now, I was so weak. 
I heard footsteps coming towards me, it was Andy, he slammed his fist down in my table and yelled

"Look at me when im talking to you boy!" 

I looked right at him when he said that, with tears in my eyes. So weak... When he saw me his smile faded and he got a worried expression. 

"What is it with you? Alex... I'm not going to hurt you" 

I was so confused now, he knows my name, he didn't knew it yesterday, it was like I didn't even exist yesterday. 
He could see my confusion and let out a sigh. He sat beside me and just looked at me with a smile, it was getting very uncomfortable and I began to feel uneasy, thats when I spoke up. 

"I didn't thought you knew me? I was no one to you yesterday?" 

He laughed at what i said and messed with my hair, he gave me a quick kiss on my lips and I was in heaven again. 

"Don't go around telling this? If you do... I will beat you up" 

He said with a lovely smile and sat faraway from me, leaving me with nothing but confusion and frustration... sadness maybe too. He would beat me up if I told anyone about this, I was getting scared of him, I didn't like him so much anymore. Maybe I should just stay away from him, or was that even possible? one thing I know, that the day in the woods, wasn't a dream... it was reality, and so was this, he would hurt me, if I said anything about us. 

I looked at him, he was looking at me too with the same smile, but with a finger on his lips, telling me to keep quiet. 

"Meet me after school Alex, this time I will be there" 

I nodded and just left it there, didn't talk to him, didn't look at him all day, but I could feel his eyes on me, they were burning their way inside of me, I could tell that it frustrated him that I didn't look at him or talked to him, did he really want to beat me up, last time I checked it wasn't supposed to talk about us, and what else could I do in his company, I wasn't really a popular kid, was i? 
I sighed and worked myself through school. It was hard. 




~Finally updated, sorry it took so long....~






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