Never Say Never

A girl called Kristina. Who live a very hard life since she was just a little girl. She have to take care of the whole family by herself because her mother is sick in the hospital. Her dad left the family since she was young. One day, she bumped into a guy when she was in a hurry going home. What will happen next? Will she meet him again?


2. Meeting Him

Kristina pov:

Running home so quickly I bumped into a guy. We both fell down. Oh no why now!!! I weirdly asked him: "OMG I'm so sorry I wasn't looking. Are you ok?" I didn't see who he was since he was wearing a snapback cap blocking his face. He was wearing a black jacket and white T-shirt and black jeans. I pick up his backpack for him when i notice a song book. When I pick it up and returned it to him. Just then I remembered I got to go I ran past him and ran home.

Justin's pov:

I was walking down the street with my backpack after recording my new songs for my new album. Just then a girl bumped into me which made me fell. I was wearing a snapback cap so that the fan won't recgonise me. I didn't want anyone to notice me so I kept my head down. Just then the girl ask me if I was alright but I didn't answer or not she'll notice my voice. She picked up my stuff and handed to me then whispered in my ear " I'm so sorry but I'm in a  hurry!" then ran past me. She was beautiful wearing long jeans and a white plain t-shirt. Her hair was wavy and pure black. And for another thing she didn't recgonise who I am. That was great that just what I wanted but suddenly some part of my want her to recgonise me.

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