The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


9. ~Part 9~

*Niall's POV*
I walk into the kitchen starting to cook, and to be honest this s the best I've ever done... I wonder if (y/n) can cook, ahhhh her eyes, her hair, her voice, the way she speaks, the way she- "NIALL!" the boys yell at me, Liam grabbing the fire extinguisher. I look down at what I was cooking "CRAP!" I say grabbing the extinguisher out of Liam's hand putting the fire out "Niall what the hell were you doing?! You burnt our kitchen!" Harry says looking at me "guy quiet! I don't car about the kitchen! I just care about the food" I say grabbing the pan putting the burnt food on a plate "eat!" I say pointing to the burnt chicken "no way!" they all yell as we all try not to burst out laughing.. Which made it worse we all busted out laughing "Niall... I don't think we're gonna let you cook for a while" we all continue to laugh. "me and Harry are gonna go out and buy some dinner, we will see you soon" Liam says, as Harry and him walk out. All the boys leave the kitchen... That girl is driving me crazy 

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