The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


7. ~Part 7~

*Niall's POV*
Crap they heard me "I don't think that's it Harry.." Liam says looking at all the other lads "I think it's a girl.." Zayn say smiling at me "no no no no no" I say blushing alittle looking at the ground "nawwwww little Niall have finally found the perfect girl" Louis say hoping off my back smiling at the others "guys... I only met her and talk for five minutes... She ran off cause she couldn't be late.." I say walking into the other room sitting on the couch. Harry follows me in "what was her name? What did she look like?" he says trying to comfort me "her name is (y/n), she has the most adorable eyes, her hair bounces every step she takes, her voice...." I continue getting lost in thoughts again "NIALL?!" harry says waving his hand in my face "what?!" I reply snapping out of my thoughts "she sounds perfect for you.." harry smiles at me "I know.." I smile

*Your POV*
I continue to work my sister still trying to get it out of me... Will she ever leave me alone? "(y/n)" she repeats what seems like thousands of times... She's like a 4 year old girl... I thought She was the oldest but no.. She has to be like a little kid when she wants to get something outta me "Oh my gosh! Will you ever shut up?" I say trying to hold my giggles in but having no luck "never!" she giggles hugging me "I'm sorry if I was annoying you... I just really wanna know" she says as we both continue to giggle

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