The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


24. ~Part 24 (The Final Chapter)~

*Your POV*
"Niall?" I say smiling and hugging him, after about a minute I try and pull back but he hugs me tighter "I love you..." he says trying not to sound nervous, he pulls back and looks into my eyes "look... I know we've only meet twice, but I love you so much... Your eyes are adorable and light up every time your happy, your smile is contagious... There are a lot of things I wanna tell you why I love you..." Niall says looking into my eyes telling me everything he thinks about when he sees me, "I love you (y/n)... Please don't go to Thailand..." he finishes holding both my hands, I look into his eyes "I love you too..."

*Niall's POV*
As I told her what I think about her and that I think about her a lot, I felt like kissing her but I couldn't... "I love you (y/n)... Please don't go to Thailand" i say taking her hands in mine, "I love you too..." she says, a wide smile appears on my face and I lean in and kiss her softly on the lips, "will you be my girlfriend?" I ask biting my lip as we pull away from the kiss "yes!" she says smiling kissing me again...

*(Y/F/N) POV*
I was in the phone talking to Harry, standing near (y/n) and Niall... Harry told me Niall would come.. Me and Harry talk for a while and he hangs up. As I look back to (y/n) and Niall I see them kissing, I quickly take a picture on my phone... They were so cute together, I'm so glad that they finally got together, or other wise (y/n) would had a WingSister to help her get him. I walk back to them "hey you two love birds!" I say as I see (y/n) blush "(y/n) you don't have to come with me... I'll see you in two months then I will never be going back to Thailand except if I go on holiday" I smile

*Niall's POV*
Today was the day that I became one of the happiest boys in the world to me and I know (y/n) felt the same way... 

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