The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


21. ~Part 21~

~Part 21~
*Your POV*
"when are you leaving?" I heard Niall's voice come out of the phone, I stare at the phone not knowing what to say "we are leaving now... Sorry, I will call you Harry when we arrive.. Ok bye" she says as she hangs up. I stand up and grabs my bag running down to the car with her, my sister getting ready to drive us to the airport. We both hop into the car and my sister starts driving to the airport.

*Niall's POV*
I don't hear her answer, her friend just answering. I was about to say something but she hung up... I quickly get up running out to the car hoping in driving to the airport... Please oh please let me catch her... Please

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