The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


19. ~Part 19~

~Part 19~ *Niall's POV* 2 days later we all sat in the living room and Harry calls (y/f/n), I bite my lip nervously waiting for her to pick, I could tell that Harry really liked her.. And I know how much happier Harry would be if they started dating, but anyways we continue to wait for her to answer...   *Your POV* Me and (y/f/n) were sitting on the bed when I noticed her phone ring, I laugh as she grabs her phone answering it putting it on loudspeaker so I could hear "helloooooooooooooooo" she says as we both giggle thinking it was my sister "hello" we hear a filmier voice harry... (y/f/n) gasps falling off the bed, I start laughing "hello, how can we help you?" I say biting my lip as (y/f/n) sits back onto the bed "we're sorry Harry but me and (y/n) have to get ready to leave for Thailand.." she says looking at me I bite my lip "oh... How long are you gonna be there for?" Harry asks "I don't know...." she says looking at our luggage   
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