The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


17. ~Part 17~

~Part 17~ *Your POV* I sigh as me and (y/f/n) walked out of the backstage area "OMG! Harry gave me his number!" she jumps up and down and I just look at the ground as she walks "what's wrong?" she asks hugging me "nothing..." I say not looking at her "(y/n) I know when something's wrong... And I know how to cheer you up... You know how I'm going back to Thailand?" she says a smile on her face. I nod and her smile gets bigger "I want you to come with me!" she says I smile alittle "I would love to.." I say, what else was I gonna say? I didn't wanna lose her to some boy from a boy band that I feel in love with that might not even like me back... I sure was gonna miss here... I sure was gonna miss him

*Niall's POV* Me and the lads started talking about all the girls that came in, we were all disgusted and all shuddered at the thoughts of those girls that were showing ALOT of cleavage... "Niall... You know that girl you always thinking about?" Harry say hiding his smile "yea, who would forget?" I say looking at him... I saw him smile, what is he smiling about?



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