The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


16. ~Part 16~

~Part 16~ *Niall's POV* We Were going on really well, we talked for ages until... She got pulled away from me, by the time I could stand up they closed the door. I didn't even ask for her number! I could feel the stare of the other boys on me... "Niall was that the girl you burnt food for?" Harry asks still looking at me "yea, she was the one... And I didn't get her number..." I say looking down at the hands sitting back down on the couch "there's always next time? Right?" Harry say trying to cheer me up "no... There is no next time.." I say still looking down at my hands, I have to find her!      
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