The Last chance

On a snowy day Niall meets an absoulutly gorgeous girl... What will happen when she sees him again?


10. ~Part 10~

*Your POV*
"why are we taking the long way?" I ask looking at my sister, something was fishy and it wasn't the fish we picked up from the market on the way "stop asking so many questions" she says "I've only asked this one question! You must be kidding me, I've gotta get up early is I can open up for you tomorrow!" I say raising my voice alittle "look little sis... We are almost home" she says and continues to drive. We finally arrive home and she hops out running into the house before me with the fish. I walk into the hose looking around in the pitch dark house. I walk to the light switch and turn on the light "SUPRISE" I hear a familiar voice say, I turn around and see (y/f/n). I drop my bag and run over to her, she hugs me tight "guess what? Guess what? " she says excitedly "what?" I say "I'm not moving to Thailand AND" she says taking a deep breath reaching into her bag pulling out tickets to see her favourite band "AND I git VIP/backstage pass tickets to see them! And I want you to come" she saw jumping up and down, before (y/f/n) left for Thailand she told me about this band called one direction, which I've only just found out when she let but never thought about googling them... She's says they are all sexy but I don't know what they look like.. Looks like I will find out soon...

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