rae and the blue winter pack (finding a mate) 1

im rae but most wolves call me rae rae. im the daughter of the alpha of the blue winter pack in canada. anyway this is my lifes story and this will be a series.


3. first impressions of camp



  its so early. its 6 am i only went to bed 5 hours ago and now i have to get up. it reminds me of training. here we go through the forest. left, right left, left, left wait am i going in a circle, na. right, left, right, right and just around this tree. wow. is all i can say. i mean look at all those boys. but none of them will go near me cause i have the protective dad the alpha. lucky me. 'rae rae get back her' yep that must be my best friend xavier but everyone calls her xavii. her coat is a very bright white with flecks of orange/brown and black. it is so awesome i wish i had her coat, mine is just white, brown, orange,black and grey all over in no patterns. 'you see what i see?' 

'yea course'

'i wonder if ill find my mate?'

'i bet you will with that awesome coat of yours'

'i guess lets go in'


well thats that convo over and done with. 


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