rae and the blue winter pack (finding a mate) 1

im rae but most wolves call me rae rae. im the daughter of the alpha of the blue winter pack in canada. anyway this is my lifes story and this will be a series.


4. cabins


were all in the main hall we are now waiting to find out what cabins we are in. i know im in xaviis or my dad will tear out some throats.

cabin 1:







oh yay my sister sammy. we hate each other and it usually ends up bad like bleeding shoulder. we have bitch fights excuse my language. dad just says that shes jealous caused im his favourite one out of the litter ( me, sammy, tom, jake, chris (shes a girl) and quinn) i love all of them except her shes also the runt we had fights so often she got put in another pack. but anyway i havent met all the other girls then those two lets hope there nice.

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