The Nerd Love

Devin the Nerd is 16 Years old. He is a singer and uber smart. He is in love with Cody Simpson. AHHHHH Everytime I think his name i Get turned on! Okay back to the summary . He loves him and Cody made a contest about singing. Whoever won got to go on tour with cody. So Devin wants to win and meet the man that he loves. <3


4. Tour & Cody And Devin Dating

WOW! Last night was AMAZING!!!! Devin And Cody kissed it was the best night ever for both of them. Once Devin got home he went to bed. He woke up and had a text from Cody:

Cody: Devin i know you love me but i feel the same about you. I know i shouldnt rush feeling but when im with you i feel something different then when im with girls. So Devin I love you.

Devin: I love you too But Does that mean were dating?

Cody: I think. we did kiss last night um Yeah i guess we are.


Cody: oh yeah your going on tour with me so Meet me at the mall at 5:00 see ya there.

Devin: Hey um can you come over? 

Cody : Sure Il be there in five.

Devin was screaming inside. Cody was Screaming outside. 

5 min Later


Cody drove in. He saw Devin out the window he was talking to his sister. Cody Walked to the door and knocked Devin Answered. Devin Kissed him. " DAMNIT IM HARD " Cody thought. Devin sister walked to her room she said " Gay". Devin pulled Cody in his room. They sat on the couch in Devins room. Then Cody said " So um when did you start loving me "Devin Smiled and said " When you turned 14 i got to know you and i just felt like i loved you. " Cody blushed and snapped his mouth shut when he realized it was open. Cody Kissed him and then they made out. At 4:55 Cody Drove Devin to the mall. Devin saw the tour bus. Cody saw his parents And Devin said " Are we going on tour with them?"" No this time they are staying home" Cody Said and Frowned. Devin Frowned on the look at codys face. They got of the car talked to the Family and said goodbye and got on the bus. They went to bed and they were on the way to Porland,Oregon. It was 11:00 PM and Devin woke up. He didnt see cody in the bunk they were sharing. He saw cody eating and on a Ustream so Devin didnt bother and went to the kitchen. " Hey babe can you grab me the ketchup" Cody Smiled and said . Devin smiled warmly and said " Okay " Devin handed him the ketchup. Then cody pulled him and made out with him. Mmm Devin was happy.

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