The Nerd Love

Devin the Nerd is 16 Years old. He is a singer and uber smart. He is in love with Cody Simpson. AHHHHH Everytime I think his name i Get turned on! Okay back to the summary . He loves him and Cody made a contest about singing. Whoever won got to go on tour with cody. So Devin wants to win and meet the man that he loves. <3


1. Singing Competition & Broken Glasses

Ahh Love Music Math Reading EVERYTHING is good right now. Wait to far lets go to the beginning. Devin Was A 16 Years old nerd who was Gay. He was in love with Cody Simpson. He went to all of Cody's concerts Well most of them. Then a email popped up:


Enter a video of you singing to get a chance to be on tv and meet Cody Simpson! The show you'll me on is Popstars Contests: Cody Simpson. If you win you'll go on tour with cody and perform every concert !


Instantly, Devin made a Video of him singing the cup song it went pretty fast. After he was done he went to the kitchen. He felt lonely, Because he lived alone well kinda he lived with his sister and her boyfriend in a 2 bedroom apartment. But his sister always worked and her boy friend is a nba basketball player. His sister was moving out in three days so Devin had to get a job to pay rent. So Devin quickly made a sandwich and went to his room. It was saturday night, so he called his friends. Carter, Ashley, and Sarah, they been best friends since they were 9. Devin called: " Hey Carter get ashley and sarah and meet me at Izzys House." Then Carter said : " Okay See you there". Izzy was Devins other best friend she was really popular so she has partys every Saturday. Tonight Devin is gonna go.  


Once He got there Izzy ran to him. Gave him a huge hug and said " Devin! I havent seen you in FOREVER!!!" "I know right, I never kept in touch because im always studying since im a nerd ya know!" Devin Said while smiling Warmly. " TRUE TRUE GURLLL." Isabelle Yelled Happily. She walked away and carter and ashley walked in. Devin smiled and they walked to game room. Devin smiled warmly and said " wheres Sarah ?" Ashley answered " She is GROUNDED!" Im made a straight face and yelled " OKAY YOU DIDNT HAVE TO BE MEAN!!" Then Ashley got up and punched Devin Playfully in the face. And Broke his glasses " SHIT WTF THESE ARE EXPENSIVE NOW I CANT FUCKING SEE BITCH !!!!! " Devin Yelled a ran home.

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