The Nerd Love

Devin the Nerd is 16 Years old. He is a singer and uber smart. He is in love with Cody Simpson. AHHHHH Everytime I think his name i Get turned on! Okay back to the summary . He loves him and Cody made a contest about singing. Whoever won got to go on tour with cody. So Devin wants to win and meet the man that he loves. <3


5. Family Problems & Bus Breaking

Devin then realized Cody was taking off Devin clothes. Then Devin Yelled " CODY! Im not ready for that yet and +We've only been dating for two days now!" Cody apologized " Im sorry im just sorry i dont know " Devin remebered cody was on a Ustream. " Cody your still on ustream ! " " Im not thats an old one im just looking at it" Cody said while smiling. Devin Then got ready for bed and went to a different bunk. Cody then asked " what are you doing ?" Then Devin said with a straight face " sleeping with no shirt its hot and im shy about my body." Then Cody asked " why do you have Dry skin or something?" " No i just dont like people seeing it" Devin saud while grabing his phone. Then cody pulled him out and noticed Devin was Ripped! Then Cody said shocked " WHATS TO BE SHY ABOUT YOU HAVE A HOT BODY !" Then Devin said " I know but i just dont want people thinking i was so big and tough . I just have abs and a good amount of muscles. Im Weak but exept when im in the gym. " Cody then frowned and said come in the bunk . He did and they went to bed.

Cody woke up and noticed Devin wasent in the bunk he was all clean and on the couch crying. " Babe whats wrong?" Cody said frowning. Then Devin Said sobbing " My sister official moved out of the apartment and i dont have a job so ill get evicted from the house this month. Im sorry cody but im afraid i cant go on this tour with you i have to stay home and get a job. " Cody frowned and said " Devin i can cancel tour and we can get your stuff and you can live in my place i live alone now my family thinks im ready too." Devin smiled and said " i would like that but i dont want you to cancel tour" " i insist " cody said . Devin smiled and said " Fine only because you love me " When cody Told the bus driver to turn around the bus broke down so they sat down on the couch while it was being fixed. " how come you dont live with your parents " Cody asked. Devin Frowned " My mom died frown my stepfather killing her and my dad well i never met my dad he left when i was born. Cody felt sorry then the room got silent. Cody then thought of something. " Hey Devin can you um Kiss me " " Uh okay " They kissed then Cody Pushed Devin to the ground and got on top of him. Devin punched Cody in the stomach and cody acted like he died and layed on top of Devin. " Really Cody this is what you wanted to do lay on me ? " Cody then said " Yep" Devin then pushed cody and saw Cody Sweats have a big long Bulge on it. Devin grabbed it. 

" DEVIN LET GO! " Cody yelled. Devin ignored pushed cody now games changed Devin was now on top. Devin stated to take off Codys sweats. Then the bulge got bigger it was about a foot long. Devin Slowly and teasingly took off his boxers. Cody Moaned. And Foot long Dick floped out. Devin started jacking it off Cody moaned. " Oh ohhhh Yeah faster Devin FASTER oh oh oh OHHH" Then Devin slowly put his mouth on his dick and sucked, Sucked hard. "Oh Devin Yes I Love You Oh Oh Oh ohhhhh" Cody then came all over Devins face and all in his mouth. Devin smiled and said " You taste delicious" Then Cody kissed Devin and got in the shower to wash all the cum on his thighs Devin Wiped it off his face and ate it all. MMMM Juicu 

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