The Nerd Love

Devin the Nerd is 16 Years old. He is a singer and uber smart. He is in love with Cody Simpson. AHHHHH Everytime I think his name i Get turned on! Okay back to the summary . He loves him and Cody made a contest about singing. Whoever won got to go on tour with cody. So Devin wants to win and meet the man that he loves. <3


2. Contest winner & Performing Strong!

Once Devin ran home he fell asleep. In the morning he found some glasses that looked better than the ones that were broken. He texted Ashley and apologized. Then checked his twitter. Cody simpson tweeted Devin it said.

@Nerdyboy122901257 Your a beautiful singer you won the first part of the competition !!! Meet me at theatre at 2:00 PM see you there !!!! 

Devin smiled and jumped up and down and picked out an out fit for the extraordinary opportunity! He grabbed a black leather jacket and some skinny jeans. And some Vlados and a fedora. He checked the time 12:37 PM. So he jumped in the shower. In the shower and thought about Cody. He thought really hard and got hard. So he Jacked off. He thought of cody fucking him in the ass and Himself Sucking Codys cock . AH AH AH ahhhhh. Devin came and continued taking a shower. He got out and got dressed. Then asked his sister to borrow the car she said no and said to walk so he did.

He walked and walked and walked. Finally made it And checked the time. 1:58. " Fwew i made it in time" Devin thought. He saw Cody, " JUICY " Devin thought and chuckled. Cody looked at me looking at me confused then was checking me out. He was sitting next to a judge and nudged him and said " First contestant! Hi whats your name??" The judge said. " Devin. You can call me Nerdyboy thats what my friends call me." Devin said. Cody was checking Devin out when he wasent looking. " Hes a hot Nerd i like him." Cody thought while saying " Hi, im Cody." Devin Blushed and said " Im Devin " While Reaching out his hand. Cody grabbed his hand and shook it firmly. Then Devin got on stage. He sung Heart Attack by Demi. The judge was surprised. " your a VERY STRONG SINGER Better than Any other videos. Devin smiled while Cody said " I agree We should Declare you the winner" The Judge agreed . Devin screamed and ran to cody and gave him a hug. Then Devin went home but before that cody gave Devin his phone number. 

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