The Nerd Love

Devin the Nerd is 16 Years old. He is a singer and uber smart. He is in love with Cody Simpson. AHHHHH Everytime I think his name i Get turned on! Okay back to the summary . He loves him and Cody made a contest about singing. Whoever won got to go on tour with cody. So Devin wants to win and meet the man that he loves. <3


3. Codys Pov & Love at first text

Devin got home and texted his friends everything!!! Devin then got a text from cody saying "Hey "and Devin Smiled

Cody felt something when he saw Devin, He couldnt put his finger on it. So Cody texted Devin and Devin said back "Hi" they had a big Convo:

Cody: Wat R U doin?

Devin: Nothing You?

Cody : Me either

Devin : Want to go out ?

Cody : Sure Where??

Devin: that chinese place um Dragon wings.

Cody: K See you there.

Cody was blushing the thought of them going out. He got ready and stared driving. He got there and saw Devin there. He gave him a hug and got hard. He thought of gross things but it didnt work everytime he saw Devins Face Cody blushed drooled and get hard. They got there table and ordered food. They talked and got to know eachother. Then Devin said " I can't believe im talking to you, ive been in love with you like literal in love like gay love..... Yeah um I love you" Cody blushed and looked at Devin he was blushing too. Cody had his mouth open and so dud Devin Cody leaned over the table and kissed Devin. It was a soft passionate kiss that it made both of them feel Loved. Cody licked Devins lips untill the opened. Cody Gently Put his tongue in Devins and they Gracefully Moved there tongues in their mouths. Then they stopped. Cody and Devin were blushing. Cody said bye payed the check and went home and so did Devin. Best Date Ever! 

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