Daisy has always been an outsider.
She has friends, but they don't always accept her.
She doesn't have a specific group of people who she hangs out with; she really just floats around.
Not like anyone cares.
Her two best friends are amazing people, but they can't stand the sight of each other.
Then there's guys to deal with, too.

Follow her through her stories.
Remember. This isn't just any ordinary story of a high school girl, though it may seem.


6. Chapter 5

*The same day, still Daisy's POV*

I can't look at him the same all day. It's only lunchtime, and I'm barely surviving. If I look at him, it will remind me of what the dream made me feel, and I didn't want to have feelings for him. I couldn't.

He's with... Her... I don't know if he still is, because one day they're following each other around, the next they're ignoring each other as if they were never together.

But how can I live up to her expectations?

It's not fair! 

... Shoot

I think I like him...

I need to tell Lilly!

"Lilly, can I talk to you?" I ask.


*Lilly's POV*


Daisy told me a few minutes ago that she has feelings for... Yuck, I can't even say his name...

But how?

She always falls for the idiots.


*Ash's POV*

Daisy and Lilly have been acting weird all day. I'm not too sure why... Especially Daisy.

I mean, Lilly and I.. We're sorted out, but then we aren't. But we act like everything's alright when it's not, just to please Daisy, Hayley and Jess.

Well I'm not sure if I can keep this up.

Considering that one of them is keeping something big from me.

And I'm pretty sure it's Daisy, considering that she dragged Lilly away about ten minutes ago, and when they got back, Daisy was yelling at her to shut up.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.




*Daisy's POV*

Ok, yeah, I like him.

I figured out in class, when I saw him staring.

It's not my fault!

He probably just saw me moving in his vision, and his eyes automatically flicked to mine.

But is it weird that whenever I say or do something, he looks at me and stares?

Come on, that has to mean something?!



*...His POV*

Daisy keeps looking at me.

And yeah, I shouldn't be betraying my girlfriend like this, but I think I might fancy Daisy...

I don't know why; she's just compelling I guess.

I won't tell anyone; the boys will tell everyone, and she doesn't feel the same way anyway.

But her looking over in my direction has to mean something...



*Daisy's POV*

That's it. I'm doing something about this.


*Oooooooooh, Daisy and..................................................? Who is it? Somebody that's been mentioned? Or somebody completely new? What's she going to do?

Give me some feedback please on how you think the story is going! 

And also comment what you think is going to happen!

Thanks for reading!






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