Daisy has always been an outsider.
She has friends, but they don't always accept her.
She doesn't have a specific group of people who she hangs out with; she really just floats around.
Not like anyone cares.
Her two best friends are amazing people, but they can't stand the sight of each other.
Then there's guys to deal with, too.

Follow her through her stories.
Remember. This isn't just any ordinary story of a high school girl, though it may seem.


5. Chapter 4

*1 month later*

I just had my birthday party last week.

And let me tell you. It was AMAZING!!

All of my friends were there!

Well, except Lilly, who couldn't come...

It was me, Ash, Cara, Marley, Jo, Zali, Jess, Hayley and Faith.

And some surprise guests.


I'm just at Chadstone Shopping Centre with Hayley and Ash, and we're having so much fun.

There's this really hot Canadian teacher, Mr.Parker, who I have mentioned before, and we sort of have a code name for him..

He probably figured out it was him about two minutes after we made it up, and everybody knows it, but still.

Anyway, his nickname is ice cream, and we all just got ice creams!

Mine was dipped in chocolate, which is even worse, because that is a past code name..

"Mmmmmm ice cream" Hayley moans. She's obsessed with him. So much that it's not even funny.

"Oh my gawd. You've almost finished yours. You should put it on your head and be a unicorn!" I exclaim. After some laughs, Hayley puts it on her forehead, and starts pretending to be a unicorn.

I take my phone out and get a photo.

I think these are the groups that people should stick to; Hayley and Ash, and Jess and Lilly. And I'd transfer between groups.


*Back at school, after the school holidays which was when they were at Chadstone. Friday in the first week back*

Something extremely strange happened today, but I wanted to cry in happiness.

Lilly told a story, and Ash laughed her butt off.

They got along.

They got along!


They'd agreed that they couldn't be friends again, but I think they're starting to accept each other.

They wouldn't hang around just the two of them, but if me or Jess is there with them, then they get along.

I hope that they become friends again. I mean, I know they'll never be as close as they were, but I could see them getting along.

And they actually acted, for just a second, as they used to.

I don't know how crazy this may sound, but I felt something in the air... Positive energy? I'm not sure really.

But one thing is for sure. Things are looking up.


*The next day*

"Come with me" he whispers. Having no choice, I follow him. He has lead me to behind the dumpsters.

"Wha?..." I start to question, but he interrupts me by pressing his lips against mine.

Holy macaroni.

My first kiss.

I lean into the kiss, deepening it. I don't even like him, and he doesn't like me. I mean, who would?

Our tongues start battling, and he presses my back against the dumpster.

I realise that I am enjoying it a little too much, when somebody starts talking in an annoying, monotone voice, right next to my ear. It's not him though.

I roll over and bash whatever is making the noise. When it doesn't work, I am transported back to reality. 

I open my eyes and look around for my alarm clock, which is now lying face down on the floor, morning radio blaring.

I bash the big button on top, stopping the annoying voice.

Well, that was weird.

I just dreamt that I had my first kiss.

But with HIM?!


*Hey guys! I'm writing this on my computer, considering how weird this chapter would've been without italics 

Anyway, I'll try to update from here from now on, so the way that I write will be a bit different, and there will most likely be more grammar and spelling mistakes. Please excuse those.

Also, the part where the dream starts is when it is no longer something happening in my life. In other words, the second half of this chapter onwards isn't true.







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