Daisy has always been an outsider.
She has friends, but they don't always accept her.
She doesn't have a specific group of people who she hangs out with; she really just floats around.
Not like anyone cares.
Her two best friends are amazing people, but they can't stand the sight of each other.
Then there's guys to deal with, too.

Follow her through her stories.
Remember. This isn't just any ordinary story of a high school girl, though it may seem.


4. Chapter 3

Recap: Me: and you know what? All this work turning everyone against Lilly and I is just so you can get closer to Brendon, and it's obviously working. Bob: it's called you're the one who likes him we're just friends. And I don't care if he sees this message. ~ Oh no she did not. That little cow did not just do that. I kind of do like him again... But only Lilly knows that. We've been talking in a group chat. Marley, Zali, Hayley, Jess, Lilly, Ash, Cara and Joanna(Jo) are the ones in it. Marley, Zali, Cara and Jo didn't know. Marley is best friends with Brendon. Brendon, Marley, Cara, and their other friends, tell each other everything. My life is over.. Unless... ~ Me: not anymore. Bob: but you did. Me: yeah, I did. Lils: yes she did, but she is well over him now! And you don't need to tell everyone who she liked! ~ Good. She somehow caught on with my plan.. ~ Bob: you're lucky. I'm sitting right next to Brendon, yet he is completely clueless and doesn't realise what's going on. ~ I can't take this anymore. I try to pay attention to the board. I fail miserably, but it's better than seeing what I'd have to see on messages. ----------------------------------------- *Daisy's POV(still)* I get home that night, tears threatening to spill. I can't cry, though. Not with my parents around. I'll just get asked a million questions, resulting in me yelling and running to my room. Resulting in some pointless lecture. So I act normal, put on a fake smile, and do what I usually do after school. Eat and rest, homework, music, then eat dinner. Read, then go to sleep. My life can be so boring sometimes... I hear my phone vibrate on my desk beside me. I unlock it, and click on the messages app. Ash. 'Daisy, I didn't expect for all this to happen. I didn't expect you to be on my side, but I didn't expect you to bash me up over messages. I know I've said things that are wrong and so have you, but we just need to forgive and move on. I'm sorry, and I don't expect you to be my friend again, but I really hope you can forgive me, despite the odds. You're a great friend.' Naw... No! I need to be mad! But... Ugh. 'Ash. Yes, you did say some things that really upset me, but I shouldn't have reacted the way I did... I said some pretty harsh stuff too... And yeah, I'll give you one more chance, because you're my best friend and mean a lot to me. Just promise one thing? You won't shit all over Lilly while I'm around. While I'm in hearing distance. Or seeing distance. Thanks :) you're an amazing friend' After that, we talk for a bit. I'm glad we can finally be back to normal... Well, for now. *Monday, day after concert* Well, that was fun. I got to fangirl with Ash and Cara. All night. I met Call The Shots, Masketta Fall and The Make Believe. (Australian and Kiwi bands). It was great. I took selfies with them (insert cat face here) *recess* "How about we go to the netball courts?" I say to Lilly and Jess. They nod, and we walk the short distance to the asphalted courts. "WATER BOTTLE!" Jess screams. I sigh. She runs up to it and kicks it. Lilly and I run after her, laughing. For about ten minutes, we play water battle soccer. I kick the water bottle away, and while Lilly and Jess chase after it, I go and sit down in the usual undercover seat area, watching my friends go crazy. "Girls!" A teacher appears out of nowhere. I freak, hoping it's not any of the house coordinators. They're always the strictest. I sigh in relief when I realise it's only one of the two art teachers. Still, Lilly and I make a run for it, knowing that we won't be able to trust our big mouths if we stay and confront her. Silly Jess stays there, facing the teacher's punishment. For the rest of recess, we run. I'm not exaggerating. Lilly and I run away from Jess, making our way around the whole school twice. We know she's on our tail, but stop and turn down a corridor. Guess who's there? The teacher that most likely chewed out Jess. "Girls," she says, but we are already running, " get out of the corridor!" We realise now that she's doesn't realise that we were with Jess, out of bounds, kicking and spilling a drink bottle all over the place. We run outside, taking a short break, before turning the corner and coming face to face with Jess. *next day* Jess wasn't mad. Well, she was a little bit about us running away, but she forgave us in a matter of seconds. My best friends are great, especially since they can easily forgive and forget. *was that any good? I don't know, I just recalled some events that have actually happened. I started writing this chapter ages ago, though, so I had trouble recapping what actually happened. Oh well, I'll just skip ahead a few days, not that it matters. Not that I can really remember what day that happened, anyway. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed! VOTE COMMENT FAN -Daisyyeah132

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