Daisy has always been an outsider.
She has friends, but they don't always accept her.
She doesn't have a specific group of people who she hangs out with; she really just floats around.
Not like anyone cares.
Her two best friends are amazing people, but they can't stand the sight of each other.
Then there's guys to deal with, too.

Follow her through her stories.
Remember. This isn't just any ordinary story of a high school girl, though it may seem.


3. Chapter 2

*Lilly's POV*

How I hate Ash. What did I ever do to her?!

~Kik: message from AshMF~

AshMF: you PROMISED you wouldn't get another boyfriend for two months! You've betrayed my trust and I can't be friends with you at the moment. I will forgive you eventually, just not now, ok?

That is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard.




"Lets go sit on the steps" Daisy suggests. I nod in agreement and follow her, Ash behind me. We sit down at the steps leading out of the library's emergency exit, taking a step each on the narrow staircase.

"I bet you can't last two months without getting a boyfriend" Ash says, and we all laugh.

"Ok, sure. Whatever" I mumble. 

We sit there talking and laughing for the rest of the break. 


Little did I know, that would be the last time I would ever sit with Ash and laugh, smiling genuinely. 

Little did I know, that Ash actually got hurt by my words. Whatever I said that offended her, I don't know. Whatever I said to give her the idea that I was promising something dumb, I don't know.

But whatever I said, I regret.

Because nothing ever became the same again.



*Daisy's POV*

Ugh. I'm so sick of this.

I sit at home before school, looking at my messages. It's already 9:30, and school starts at 8:45, but it's too foggy for my mum to drive me to the bus stop. 

Considering that either way we go, we have to turn onto a main road. 

I'm going to get driven around 10:00, once it's cleared a bit.

I'm looking at my iPad, which is blowing up with messages. Lilly and Ash, yet again, are fighting. 

So much has happened in just one month; Ash has turned almost all of the year eights against Lilly. Hayley and Zali, like I predicted, haven't taken a side. Jess and I have probably been the only ones sticking by Lilly's side, but Jess is still friends with Ash.

I am sort of, but I'm taking Lilly's side a bit more now.

After what Ash did on the bus two days ago..


We've been driving home from the Cathedral State Park, after having spent an overnight hike there. 

We've just gotten back on the bus, after having a lunch break at Marysville. 

I get into my seat, and only moments later, people are bitching about Lilly. She's not here; she hasn't taken this class.

I have to listen; I'm a lot more protective now. Lilly is becoming more and more fragile. 

"She's a bitch!" Ash says.

"I hate Lilly" Marley states rudely.

"I do too!" 

"And she probably made that fake account on Facebook!" 

There was a fake Facebook account made of somebody a few months ago.. I never new people thought Lilly did it! She'd never do that!

"She did!" 

"Yeah duh, she obviously did!" 

I turn and glare at Maya who's sitting at the front of the bus. She's one of the people making comments.

Her mum is so protective, she's not even allowed any games on her iPad that aren't educational, let alone a Facebook account! 

The same people keep rambling on, but all I can hear is 'she did!' 'She made that account!' Coming out of Maya's mouth.

(Beware, coarse language) "How the f^ck would you know, Maya?! You don't even have a Facebook you little cow!" I snap, cracking in anger.

Lucky me. The teacher has decided to get on the bus, right at that moment. 

"Girls! Who was that?" She yells at our bus of girls. 

"It was Daisy, miss!" Maya yells out. I swear, I want to string her eyes from a flagpole and cut her up into tiny little pieces, before feeding her to sharks. And making sure she doesn't die, so that she has to face it all.

"Daisy!" I hear the teacher scold, but I'm not listening. I don't care. Why did Ash have to turn everyone against Lilly? What has she done? What have I done? Why are they punishing both of us! It's not fair!

 I look around and notice that we are driving. A tear of anger rolls down my cheek, as the girls continue bitching on about how much they hate my best friend. 

"Guys! Leave her alone, you're obviously making her uncomfortable! Just stop!" Bella yells. I look at her in surprise. She's one of the 'populars' at my school. She's a tomboy, so I wouldn't count her as a fake. She's nice sometimes, but can be rude... This is a bit of an eye opener.

I mouth a thank you to her, and she nods and smiles slightly before turning back to her friend and continuing talking. 


I've tried to stop Ash and Lilly, but whenever I do, Ash just snaps at me. 

I just don't know what to do.

I'm sitting in French class, the class straight after snack, arguing with Ash. 

She's decided not to go to a concert because of what we've each said to each other, and she had given me the money to buy the ticket.

~iMessage: Bob(Ash)~
Bob: You owe me twenty bucks.

Me: Why?!

Bob: because I gave you the money to buy my ticket and I want to sell it so you owe me $20

Me:  you gave me $20 to get something for yourself, and now you don't want it anymore. How do I owe you $20?!
You know what, I'm sick of this.

I shut my iPad.

Only seconds later, it's opened again, out of temptation. 
Bob: I'll get my parents involved. 

Me: I don't care if you get your parents involved, due to the fact that you will have absolutely no arguments against me whatsoever.

Me: and you know what? All this work turning everyone against Lilly and I is just so you can get closer to Brendon, and it's obviously working.

Bob: it's called you're the one who likes him we're just friends. And I don't care if he sees this message.
Oh no she did not.

That little cow did not just do that.

I kind of do like him again... But only Lilly knows that.

We've been talking in a group chat. Marley, Zali, Hayley, Jess, Lilly, Ash, Cara and Joanna(Jo) are the ones in it.

Marley, Zali, Cara and Jo didn't know.

Marley is best friends with Brendon.

Brendon, Marley, Cara, and their other friends, tell each other everything.

My life is over.. Unless...
Me: not anymore.

Bob: but you did.

Me: yeah, I did.

Lils: yes she did, but she is well over him now! And you don't need to tell everyone who she liked!
Good. She somehow caught on with my plan..
Bob: you're lucky. I'm sitting right next to Brendon, yet he is completely clueless and doesn't realise what's going on.

I can't take this anymore.

I try to pay attention to the board. I fail miserably, but it's better than seeing what I'd have to see on messages.

* ohhhhhhhhhh messy chapter! Was it good? It seemed hard retelling it, especially considering how I kept on forgetting important stuff.

Erin please don't kill me if you're reading this!

I know what you said on texts last night, I just haven't thought of a reply yet..







Love you my chooks


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