Daisy has always been an outsider.
She has friends, but they don't always accept her.
She doesn't have a specific group of people who she hangs out with; she really just floats around.
Not like anyone cares.
Her two best friends are amazing people, but they can't stand the sight of each other.
Then there's guys to deal with, too.

Follow her through her stories.
Remember. This isn't just any ordinary story of a high school girl, though it may seem.


2. Chapter 1

I get off the bus, only to see my mum waiting by the stop in her car. I run towards her, ripping my earphones out in the process.

"Hi" I say, getting in the car. 

"Hi darling!" Mum says, giving me a kiss on the cheek. We drive home.

When we get there, I'm greeted by my dogs incessant barks and cries. I go and pat them through the gate, before going to the front door. 

Mum has already opened it for me, so I go inside. I throw my school bag on my bed, before grabbing out my iPad and checking it.

~Kik: message from Lilly.x0x0~

I click on the notification, and read the message from my best friend. 

Lilly.x0x0 : hey :/

Daisydawhale: hi :) what's wrong?

Lilly.x0x0: Ash sent me a message..

I sigh. Ash is my other best friend, but today, she's been ignoring Lilly. The three of us used to be inseparable. 

Daisydawhale: what did she say? :\

Lilly.x0x0: it's a long story...

Daisydawhale: if you think that you're getting out of it that easily, then you must have quite a bit on your mind.

Lilly.x0x0: well.. There's a guy I've liked for a while, and he asked me out so I said yes.. And when I told Ash, she went off at me for no reason... She's gonna spread around that I cheated on my ex, when I didn't! Our relationship was falling apart, and he already liked Hannah, and ugh!

It takes me a while to read, and when I'm done, I'm in shock. 

I get another message from Lilly.

Lilly.x0x0: I asked her if she can support me, and she said she can't support something she doesn't like! 

Daisydawhale: I'm not taking sides, but what is her problem?! (A/N I know 'Ash' will be reading this. I'm still not choosing sides, but after what you guys said on the bus, a little bitchiness towards you isn't gunna hurt.)

Lilly.x0x0: I know! Everyone's gonna hate me now! Fml

Daisydawhale: I won't. I'm sure Jess won't, and Hayley and Zali never take sides! 

"Daisy! Dinner time!" Mum calls. I check the time. Woah. Have I been on here for that long? 

I'm just lucky I didn't have any homework to do. 

Daisydawhale: look, I gotta go, see you tomorrow :\ try not to talk to Ash anymore, all she'll do is bring you down..

I shut my iPad and go eat dinner.

*next day*

"Hi guys!" I say to my friends already at school, ignoring the person to my right. Lilly's ex, Brendon. 

I give Jess a hug, sitting down next to her. Hayley, Lilly and I caught the bus together this morning, as we always do. Marley, who's my friend at times, is another bus regular. 

Marley gets here, taking Brendon around the side of the school. They always go there to 'wait for their friends' before school. 

I sigh. Before he accused Lilly of cheating on him, I actually sort of liked him... Now, he can go die for all I care.

Lilly wasn't dumped though. She broke up with Brendon after his psycho-bitch-ex told him that Lilly had cheated. 

That was another one of her attempts to break up Brendon and Lilly, but this time, it actually worked. 

The bell rings, and I sigh. It's my least favourite day; Tuesday. 

Science is my first class. 

I sit down in my usual seat, at my usual table, with my friends following in my footsteps. 

Science is actually pretty fun these days; me and my friends go hyper and talk nonstop, yet somehow, we finish the work anyway.

This time, we have to work on making a food chain. I draw a chicken, of course, being my favourite food and animal.

(A/N Allow me to explain.

Whenever me or my friends like somebody, we make up a code name so that nobody knows who we are talking about. 

We started it after the guy I liked in the first term of year seven found out I liked him by stealing my friends iPad and going through our messages..

Anyway, back to the point. So far, there have been the following code names:

(M)azza (don't ask)

And yeah.

The guy I like at the moment is called chicken..)

My friends and I start having a conversation about how Hayley loves our new science teacher, Mr.Parker. He's Canadian. Hayley is obsessed with Canadians. You can see how it works.

"Sir! I'm done!" Hayley yells. The teacher comes over to look at her work, and her face lights up. She jumps a little when he starts talking. 

"Ok, good job. You can start making a food web. I'll get you the sheet with the animals on it, hold on a second" the teacher tells her. When he walks away, I say rather loudly "Hayley! Stop hitting on the teacher!" 

"I'm not, I'm hitting on his accent!" 

"Did you say, 'I'm not, I'm sitting on his foot' ?" 

You can see how strange we all are. 

"No! I only have a crush on his accent!" Hayley protests. 

"Awwww!" We all coo, and Hayley hides her face in her hands. 

"Faith! I'm hanging out with you, since I don't want to hang out with Lilly or Ash today!" I tell one of my friends, Faith. She is Ash's best friend, since they went to primary school together.

Faith hangs around with a bunch of guys; including her ex, Eric (they're friends now), and the guy I like, Sean. 

I wait in front of Faith's locker, already having grabbed my own lunch, and then we head to the top oval where the guys are wrestling. 

I don't usually hang around - let alone talk to - these guys, but I'll have to admit, they are pretty funny.

 When you stay with them for 50 minutes (or however long our school lunchtime goes for, I don't even know), I guarantee you will laugh the hardest you have in years. 

When I walk into class, I see several of the boys have dirt all over their white polo shirts. 


*how did you enjoy chapter one? 

I'm really hoping that this story goes somewhere, because most of them don't. I write five or so chapters, then delete it because it's shit. 

Thanks for reading!





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