Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


30. Two Months Later


Just saying a part in this story will be a flashback on the sequel so remember this chapter.

The POV will only be Heidi, Nathan, and Third person.

Enjoy :)




Third Person P.O.V.


Heidi has been waiting for Louis over two month but never came for her. Nathan has been there for Heidi over two months. Nathan didn't get why Louis hasn't came for her till a new pop up in his phone out of no where talking about Louis. He was getting curious so he click on on the link and read the article.



Breaking News:

Louis has been caught with a different girl other than his lovely girlfriend Heidi. Are they dating or are they just friend? Best mate Harry Styles said "They have been hanging a lot since Heidi been gone." Very interesting. Has Heidi been gone over to months Louis as been hanging with this girl. Heidi's best friend Sierra say "She has been gone over two months and Louis dating this chick has been a wreck. Heidi doesn't deserve this. I don't talk to Louis anymore. Their baby on the way why would he do this to her. Who ever Heidi is with I hope she's happy."

So Louis may or may not be dating the girl but talking about baby, Why would Louis do this to Heidi? What will the fan think? As well, what will Heidi of Louis cheating on her over a unknown name girl.


"Wow just... wow." Nathan said under his breath. His body boil in anger.


Nathan's P.O.V.


How can he do this to Heidi and to the twins. I'm Sooo angry. Sierra is right. Heidi doesn't deserve this at all. She needs happiness. I look down at Heidi and smile. She's in peace. All she was doing is texting Liam. I'm glad he doesn't think of me as a bad person. I'm surprise he didn't told Heidi about Louis and Eleanor dating thing. I walk out of the room heading to Max room.

"Hey Max did you heard." I tell him. He look up at me confuse. Apparently he doesn't so I continue. "Louis is cheating on Heidi. Do you know anything about this?" I ask him.

"Ohhh yeah I know and NO I don't have nothing to do with it." Max said. "If I did I would tell Heidi like I told her about me and Tom kidnapping her. I'm not keeping secrets from her no more." he added. Of course he won't. Since they found out about her being pregnant. They treat her like there sister.

"I know." I whispered. She has been so close to each an one of us. I can't stand seeing he upset neither does the lads. "Well he's hurting Heidi and-" I was stop mid sentence from a knock. I open it revealing Heidi in tears. My heart dropped.

"Heidi, are you OK?" Max ask very concern and so was I. She couldn't speak, she keeps sobbing. I hug her tightly.

"Babe, please tell me what's wrong." I said. I hope she didn't find out about the Louis problem.

"M-My mom just called. My b-best friend C-Carlos got into a car accident. H-He's in the hospital right now and... and-" I cut her off. Thank god it wasn't something else.

"Whoa calm down Heidi. Take a deep breath." I tell her. She did what I told her to do and she was calm. "Good, now which hospital is he in?" I ask.

"B-Back home." said Heidi. I nod and look at Max. We need to take her back to see her friend.

"Max, get the lads and tell them to pack. We are going to Heidi's home town." I said. Max nod and walk out of the room to tell the rest of the lads. Heidi and I walked out of Max room to her room. I help her pack her stuff that she needs. When we were done I let her stay alone and I walked to my room and pack my own stuff. "Lads ready!?!" I yell from my room. I heard 'Ready' from everybody. I got my two bags and head downstairs.

"Nath I call and rented a bus to go if that's OK?" Tom said. I smile and nod. I put my bags down and head to Heidi's room. When I walked in I saw her glaring at her phone phone. Ohh no.

"Heidi?" I ask. Silence. I didn't know she's glaring at her phone for. I walked up and sat next to her. I at the screen and see that she was on twitter and on an article that I read about Louis and Eleanor. Not good. "Love... please." I beg. I know she was going to break down I could let her.

"Tell Max didn't do this?" She whisper. I knew what she meant.

"No, no, Heidi. Of course he didn't do it. He would have told you if he did. We all gotten closer to you just to hurt you like that. Never in my life I have met a beautiful girl like you and change our life."I said. I lean and kissed her on the lips. "We love you Heidi. We will never hurt." I finish. I see tear roll down her cheeks and a smile on her face. "Now lets go and see your friend...." I trail off. I didn't knew his name.

Heidi giggles (Which is cute) and said "Carlos."

"OK, lets go see Carlos." I said as I got her stuff and down to the living room. "Ready lads?" I ask and they nod. We all walk out of they mansion and into the bus and off to Heidi's hometown.  


We finally got to Heidi's hometown looking around. This town is really tiny. I look at Heidi still fast asleep. She's excited to see her family again but what she's worry about is that her parents. They don't know that we kidnap her and not with One Direction. She told about her old brother. I can't believe he said that to his own little sister. I don't blame Louis getting so pissed off. I would to. I didn't knew where she live so I had wake her up.


Heidi's P.O.V.



"Heidi, wake up please." I heard Nathan say. I groan a little not wanting to wake up but I him say "We are here." I snap my eyes open.

"I we really here?" I ask and he nod. "OK, go to the right, then straight, and then left." I tell him. He nod and walk to the driver and tell him the direction.

"So do you have anyone that is a fan of us?" Tom ask me. I look at him and shook my head 'no'.

"No, but my best friend, which she's dating Zayn is a big fan of you guys."

"Is she with them right now?"

"Yeah she is. I don't think she knows who kidnapped me though. I'm pretty sure the guys don't want to tell her." I tell Tom and he nod.

"But you are talking to her since you do have your phone?" Max ask.

"Ummm... no I'm not. The only one I'm texting it Liam, Jose, and Jio." I replied.

"Who's Jose?"

"Yeah and who's Jio?" Max and Jay ask. Ugh... are they going to keep asking me question?

"My best guy friends." I said in a 'duh' tone. The bus came to a stop. I look at the window and see that we are in front of my house. "Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I'm home!!" I cheer happily. I miss my mom and my dad and my two brothers. I look at Max and Tom and do a puppy face. "Can we please stay." I beg.

"Umm... yeah how long?"

"I don't know........ maybe till I graduate from high school?"

"What???" They all said. I wanted to finish high school and because I want my family to approve them more than just one day.

"Please, I want to finish and I want my family to know you guy more." I tell them and gave them a pout. They all sigh and look at Nathan for an answer.

"Fine, we can." He sigh. I cheer and hug each and one of them. I'm happy they say yes.

"Thank you!!!" I say. "Let me call my mom and tell her I'm here." I tell them and they all nod. I walk in the back of the bus and dial my mom. It Rand twice and my dad answer.

"Hello?" My dad ask.

"Daddy, where's mom?" I ask him.

"She is in the kitchen with Rosa. What are doing? How's all the boys?" My dad ask happily.

"Yeah there fine but I'm actually here."

"Really? Well I'll tell your mother that your here. The door is open come in."

"OK bye daddy."

"bye." Once I hang up, I walk back to the front.

"OK, lets go inside my house." I tell them. "Just letting you all know my sister is here with my nieces." I added and they all nod. We all walk out of the bus noticing my two nieces standing in front of the bus waiting for us to come out. "Guys, if my nieces ask you a question. Please don't say that you guys kidnap me." I tell them.

"Why would we tell them that?" Jay ask.

"Because they could tell that you guys have something suspicious and want to know. They won't stop till you tell them." I sighed. I'm also like them. That's why I knew 2 months ago that Max and Tom were being suspicious, mostly Max. I was a little upset that they help Eleanor but when they found out I was pregnant they didn't want to help her no more which is I'm happy for but there's something I feel that there hiding something from me. Something I would be mad about. I shook that feeling away and look at Nathan. "Ready?" I ask and he nod. We walked out of the bus and seeing my nieces looking at me and the boys confuse.

"Heidi who are they?" Rosemary said pointing and them.

"There my friends. They are in a band too." I tell them. Rosemary eyes widen and now she's jumping up and down.

"Do they know One Direction." She ask them. I tell the two dorks tense up and what I mean two dorks I mean Tom and Max.


Nathan saving the day he answer "yes we do know One Direction. That's how we met Heidi." He lie to them. Rosemary look at him closely but I guess she can't see through him. Luckily I can more than her.

She smile a little and said "OK well just so you know I love-"

"Rosemary!" I warn her. That's very cruel of her to say... Well liking a band better than the other. "Lets go inside... Before anything stupid happens." I mutter the last part. We walked in through the hallways to the living room. "Heyy Rosa... What's up Jose." I tell my sister and brother in-law.

"Heyy he- Who are they?" My sister ask.

"Oh them my friends. They wanted to tag along with me." I tell her and she nod. "This is Nathan, Tom, Max, Jay, and Siva..."

"Wait aren't they in a band that you watch videos as well 24/7." my sister said. Great. Thank you Rosa for saying that out loud. I heard them giggling behind me. I shoot them a glare and they shut up. "Wow Heidi your belly grew." she charge the subject thank god.


"I know. There a pain."


"I know how you feel."


"I know but have you had twins?" I ask her and she stayed quite. "That's what I thought." I smirk and she playfully glare at me. We all sat in the big couch talking about random stuff and fooling around. I was a little tired so I lay me head on Nathan.


"You tired?" He whisper and I nod not feeling like speaking. "You want to go to your room?"


"Yes please but lets watch a movie me and you?" I ask him.


He smile and said "Yeah." We both got up look at the boys. "Mind giving them company we are going to watch a movie in her room." He ask my sister and she nod. We walk through the hallway and I open my door. "Nice room." he said.


"Thanks." I said and smile. "What movie?" I ask him. I put all the movies I own on my nightstand next to my bed.


"Wall-E." he said. I giggle a little and took the movie and put it in. I went around my bed and lay down next to Nathan and cuddle. Half way through the movie. My phone started to ring. I pick it up and look at the caller ID. "Who is it." Nathan ask.


I hesitate pressing the green button. Why is Louis calling me this late? Why is he even calling me? "L-L-Louis." I stutter. I press the green button and put it on speaker so Nathan can hear as well. "H-Hello?" I ask. Silence... "Hello?" I ask again still nothing. What the heck. I crinkle my nose listening to all the shuffling on the other line. "Hello?" I ask one more time. Finally someone speak.


"Baby I'm so so so so sorry. I didn't wanted to hurt you like this." Louis sob. Hurt me? What does he mean? I felt Nathan tense up a little. I pause the movie and look at Nathan.


"Nath? Do you know what's going on?" I ask him.


"N-No not at all." He lie. I know when he lie he stutters.


"Heidi... baby... I love you. Don't forget that. I never want to hurt you... I-I-I-I'm s-s-so sorry baby."


"Lou I don't even know why you are-" I was cut off mid sentence hearing a female voice on the other line.


"Babe what are you doing? Come downstairs." A familiar voice said. I know it's not Sierra. The one person that has been trying to steel Louis was.... Eleanor!!! What the hell.


"No!! I'm talk to my girlfriend!!!" Louis yell at her.


"Ohh baby you drunk. If you really love her and want her so bad you would of got her two months ago."


"Heidi I think you should hang up." Nathan said knowing that I'm in tears listening to there conversation.


" I love her and I want her now in my arms."


"You have baby. How lets do this." it went quite all of a sudden. I didn't know what's going on.


"Heidi hang up the phone." Nathan said.


"Why? Tell me why Nath. Your hiding something." I tell him. We stay quite for a while till we heard moaning and groaning. I couldn't believe it.


"Heidi just han-"


"No Nathan no. I'm hurt I-I'm soooo hurt." I started to sob.


All the noise gotten ever louder but the one thing that hurt me the most is Louis said "I love you Eleanor.... I love you so much." he moaned. I hang up the phone and sob even more.


"I'm so sorry Heidi." Nathan said. He pull away and kiss me on top of my head. I calm down and soon I fell asleep.  

~2 weeks later~ 

This past two weeks, Louis would call me when he's drunk. He has never done that to me. Last week Nathan showed me the article about Louis. It made me cry more. Little did I know, I didn't know what we are no more.


Today me and the boys are going to see Carlos. He was release from the hospital three days ago. I got out of bed and got change. I heard my phone going off. I was hoping it's not Louis. I'm so tired of him calling me drunk. I look at the caller ID and it was Liam.


"Hello?" I ask.


"Hello? Baby, where are you. I'm going to go get you." He said. That's it I had it with him.


"Louis I had it with you calling me when your drunk!" I snap at him. "I'm done with you." I added and hang up. I groan and lay back down.


"Heidi are you OK?" Tom ask me. I look at him and gave him a weak smile.


"Y-Yeah. Louis just call me again." I tell him.


"Again? Heidi you need to get a new number. He's not going to stop calling you if you don't get a new number."


"I know that's what I'm doing. I'm tired of him call me when ever he's drunk."


"Well lets go see Carlos and get you a new phone for you." He said. I smile and nod. He help me up and we both walk out of my room. When we were in the living room Nathan saw me and smile.


"Hey, Brownie." He said. I blush a little and he chuckle. "You ready?"


"Yeah lets go." I said. We walked out of my house into a van that they rented. Nathan is driving, Siva on the passenger seat, me and Tom in the middle, and Max and Jay in the back. On our way to Carlos house. My phone goes off. I check the caller ID and it was Liam again. I groan answer the phone. "Hello?" I ask.


"Heidi, I'm sorry that Louis call you. I didn't know he had my phone." Liam said.


I smile and said "Yeah he's been doing that since two weeks."



"I'm so sorry, love."


"Its fine but this will be the last time I'm talking to you." I tell him.




"Because I don't want Louis to get contact by me if he is drunk."


"True, but would I have your new number."


"Maybe but I have to go I'm busy." I tell him.


"OK bye Heidi."


"Bye." I hang up. 


"Pick what you want." Nathan said. We are now in at the mall in a cell phone store. There are a lot really good phones but I couldn't pick one.


"How about an iPhone." Tom said.




"Good lets get it for you." Said Nathan. I smile at Nathan and he smile back.


We got back to my house and I'm so tired. I finally got a new phone with a new number. No more Called by drunk Louis. Me and the boys are in the living room watching movies while I was in twitter. I was scrolling down when something caught my eyes.



@Louis_Tomlinson : 'If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours.'


He actually put that? I should be the one saying that. Then again I don't think I won't say that no more but I would always think of that one quote.


'If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours.'







It's over!!!! The ending is crappy I know, I'm sorry. The sequel WILL be up Today so check it out. 


--- Heidi :)

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