Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


8. The Night

Louis's P.O.V




I kinda wonder why Heidi want to spent the night here. I went back to the livinroom with the lads. "What's wrong Lou" Niall said. He's a such a caring person. But he eats a lot you gotta admit that but that's why we all love him and even the fans. 

"Nothing I'm fine." I tell him he gives me a confuse look. But there going to find out. But how would they react when I tell them that Heidi and Sierra are spending the night in my flat. 

"Is something in your mind BooBear??" Harry would say that to me. But I'm use to it. Especially Heidi. She laughs when Harry calls me BooBear but she loves it so she says it as well.  

"Heidi and Sierra is coming over" I said to them. I see Zayn eyes wide open. It look funny but kinda scary.  

"And there something else" I pause for a little and took some deep breaths. I was nervous to see how Zayn will react. "there spending the night."  

"What why!!!" Zayn said with a complete shock on his face.  

"There at the mall and they don't want a cab all the way to there apartment. They don't have money." I see Zayn calming down and it gave me a relief. "Ohhh then more movie" Liam yell. We all started laughing at him. So we all waited for the girls to come over but it was really late and Liam, and Niall were tired and left. Harry decided to stay and hang out more. 

"So did they say what time there coming" Harry said. I could see that he was sleepy. But he wouldn't admit it.  

"I don't know. Th_____" I stop because we heard the door. I know that it's them. Who else would come to my flat at this time?




Heidi's P.O.V




We got in the cab. Sierra told the Cab man where to go. I figure out that we have there gift for Lou and Liam. I started to freak out and not knowing what to do if they ask us what's in the bag. 

"Heyy Heidi, are you OK? You look worry?" Sierra ask. I couldn't blame her. She worry a lot for me. She's a great friend. But she didn't realize that we had there gift with us. 

"We have there gift. What should we say if they ask us what's in the bag?" I look up to see Sierra burst into laughing. I was confuse."What's so funny" I told her. 

"Don't worry about it Heidi. They are not going to ask us at all." she told me. she is calming me down making think that there not. I know that they are. Louis ask a lot of question. I fake a smile to let her know that I'm clam which I'm not at all. I started thinking on our way to Louis's house figure out a lie and I got it. I started smiling like an idiot which made Sierra wonder why. 

"Why are you smiling you wiredo" she question me harshly. I just started laughing a lot. 

"Ohh nothing. I was thinking of something" she look at me wired now not wanting why am I thinking. We both look out the widow to see the flat. It was huge I couldn't believe it. We got out of the cab and Sierra pay the cab and he left. We both look up and started walking in.  

"Excuse me Louis Tomlinson please" I said to the young lady maybe in her mid 20's behind the counter. She smile at me and look at the computer searching for his name. 

"Ohhh yes" she pause a little to look up to see if I was there still. "Mr.Tomlinson is in room D6 fourth floor."  

(A/N: I put D6 cause it's a clan my older brother made on call of duty. Which I'm in as well)  

I smile back at her and tell her thank you. Sierra and I grab our bags and went to the elevator and press the number four to go on the fourth floor.  

"So do you think the boys will be still there" I ask Sierra. She look at me and smile. She knew I just want to be with Louis all alone. But I would rather it be Louis, Zayn, Sierra, and me. Like a double date. 

"I doubt it." She smirk at me which it was really wired. "It's really late so I'm pretty sure Louis told Zayn and Zayn decided to stay with Louis." She had a point there. As we walk by the door. Sierra knock on the door.



Louis's P.O.V




As I walk and open the door. I smile right when I saw Heidi.  

"Hey babe your finally here!" I told her. I gave her a tight hug and whisper in her and said " I miss you so much. Did you have fun without me?" She blush and look away. 

"Ummm.... I did had fun but I miss you a lot more" she said smiling back at me. She is so cute I love her big brown eyes. She's the type of girl that doesn't care what you think about. Zayn smile when he saw Sierra by the down.  

"Heyy babe" he said to Sierra.  

"Well come on lets watch a movie just the five of us" Heidi gave me a confuse look. She probably didn't knew that Harry stayed more. I smile at her confusion and said "He's staying for the night as well" I said to her to see if it's OK with her that he stay so I gave her the puppy face which works all the time.  

"Ohh it's fine with me. Just stop with the puppy face!!!"



Heidi's P.O.V



I couldn't resist his puppy face. He did that on our first date. He also does it when we argue weather who could be partners with Harry when we play a board game. It has always get me a lot. I sat between Louis and Sierra on the couch Zayn is next to sierra and Harry is next to Louis. I lay on Louis's shoulder while watching 'Letters To Juliet' with them. It's one of my favorite story and still is. 

"This to romantic" Harry whine and I laugh at him. 

"Of course it's romantic that's why I love this movie." 

"Is there more romantic movies that you like?"  

"Actually to be honest no. I actually don't like romantic movies but this movie I love a lot." Harry start laughing for no reason. I gave him a 'your crazy' look and he stop laughing. 

"I'm sleepy where do me an Sierra sleep" I ask Louis. I turn and see Zayn and Sierra already sleeping. I look back and said "Well since sleepyheads here are sleeping where do I sleep?"  

"Well there my room and Two guess room which Zayn has the other room so there's only one room" Louis said 

"Dibs!!!!" Harry yells and started running to the guess room. Once we both heard the door slam. It woke up Sierra and Zayn. l look at Louis. 

"So where in the heck me and Sierra are going to sleep" I ask Louis. 

"She can sleep with me and you sleep with Lou? " Zayn said with his sleepy voice. I tried hard not to laugh. 

"That's a great idea. Will you Heidi?"  


"Why not" 

"I'm just joking of course yes" I said to Louis and he laugh. 

"Good one babe now lets go to bed" 

"OK" I said. We went upstairs to his. Once we got in I close the door behind. I turn around and see Louis taking off his shirt. I have have never seen him shirtless. He took it and saw me staring. 

"Are you looking at me" he ask. I snap back to reality. He just laugh. He came closer to me and grab my waist. I started blushing. 

"I look hot don't I" he whisper in my ear 

"Y-yeah" I stutter. He picks up my head and kiss. 

"Come on lets go to bed" he said and I nod in agreement. So we went by the bed and lay down. I was in the right by the window and he was on his left by the bathroom door.  

"Goodnight babe" Louis said. 

"Goodnight BooBear" before he said anything I turn to see him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I smile at him and turn back around. He wraps his arm around me and we both went to sleep.

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