Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


12. Scared

Sierra's P.O.V


It's been a month me and Zayn has been dating. Heidi hasn't came to the apartment, not even once. She's been at Louis's flat since there big fight. I figure that she already lost her V-g. (A/N - No my friend does not say that. But its funny. Sorry Sierra.) She never call, texted, or came at all. I'm kind of having the feeling that she would start living there. But we have school that we are attending. If she plans on move. She might need papers. I was planning on moving as well but what the heck I can't. I have my own life back at home. Zayn would be leaving on tour pretty soon so basically I would be alone and for Heidi. She would alone as well. I know I could just be with her here but honesty we fight a lot and I don't like that. Heidi and I are basically like sisters so I don't want to lose her. I was always alone in the apartment and its been awhile that me an Heidi had our girls night. So I decided to text her. 

To: Bestie :) - Heyyy Heidi, what are you up to? I really miss you. 

I waited for her to responded but nothing so I decided to text Liam since she's 'always' with him which made me wonder. Why is she always with him? I know I sound jealous, but no I'm not. I just haven't seen her at all that's all. So just to make sure I text Liam. 

To: Daddy_Direction ;) - Hey Li I was wondering if you know where's Heidi? 

'Beep Beep' I heard my phone. I've got two text message. One by Zayn and by Heidi. Its funny that I never texted Zayn. 'Awwwww', I know so dramatic but he's Zayn for god sakes and I really like him so I check his text first. 

From: My Bad Boy - Hey babe want to go out with me, the lads and Heidi?? 

Sooo Heidi is going huh. Well I'm not going to talk to her if she's there or I could just tell him if he just want to spend time with me here at the apartment. Maybe ask if I could live with him. No.. don't cheer for me. I am going back to finish school and then come and live here and go to college here and I hope if that's possible.  

To: My Bad Boy - Umm, actually can we spend some time alone. I need tell you something.  

I stop texting Zayn to wait what he said. So in a mean time I cheeked Heidi's text message. 

From: Bestie :) - I miss you to but can we talk because it's important. 

OMG what did I do. Wait I didn't do nothing. What the heck. But wait I need to check Zayn's text. 

From: My Bad Boy - Sure I'll be over there in 20. 

To: My Bad Boy - OK 

After I texted him bye. I started playing Angry Birds on my phone. Oh, crap I forgot to text Heidi. 

To: Bestie :) - Yeah we can 

From: Bestie :) - OK I'll be over in 20. Zayn told me he was going to the apartment. 

Dam it Zayn, why. Oh well, I need tell them both at the same time. I haven't seen them both since. Yesterday morning. So, yeah I don't know what are they going to react when I tell them that I want to move here. Once I graduate.  

To: Bestie :) - OK see later (:  

I ignore there text because I was distracted on the game and waiting for them.


Heidi P.O.V.


OMG....OMG....OMG.... I'm going to die. Since yesterday in the afternoon Louis and I were arguing, yet again. No, not something stupid. Let just say that what I'm about to tell my best friend Sierra is going to be shocking.... maybe. Yes, I'm telling her first and not Liam. What a shock right. But I am going to tell him though but he's going to kill me or Lou.




Everyone left after 12. Me and Louis decided to watch movies. I was thinking and not paying any attention to this.... I don't know what movie it is. He just put a random movie. I couldn't stop think what happen two days ago. I was this close in have sex with Louis freaken Tomlinson. I know, but I was scared, to tell you the truth. It was going to be my first but noooo... He said that I wasn't ready. Well he was right, I wasn't. I was scared, he said that I would regret it, and he's right. However, I love him so much and he means the world to me. I'm turn 17 in two days and leaving in 4 days. So I want this special. 

"Hey Louis"  

"Yes" he said turning his head to me. 

"I-I'm ready" I stutter. Dam it.  

He chuckle "Ready for what, babe" 

"You know" He looks at me confuse and then he smile. 

"No, no, no, no, no your not. Babe, your not ready. I don-" I cut him off. 

"If you love me enough you will do it" from there he grabs my hand and took me to our room.

~Skip Sexual scene~ (A/N: No I don't do that. But one day I will. But I will feel like a perverted person though I don't know why.)

We lied on the bed breathless. I can't believe it just happen. I finally lose it at age 17. Wow. It's Crazy. But, wait.... ohh no. Crap, Louis no-. 

"Hey, babe" Louis said snap me out of my thoughts. 

"Yeah" I said looking up to him trying not to show that I'm freaken out about him not using the rubber thing. 

He lean close to me and kiss me on the lip and moved away and smile "I love you"  

"I love you too, boo" I said smiling at him. I layed on his chest smiling closing my eyes and fell a sleep.


*End Of Flashback*

I was in the car with Zayn on our way to Sierra and I's. I just haven't been there since.... I don't know. 

"Hey Heidi what are going to tell Sierra that its so important." he said snapping me off of my thoughts. 

"Ummmm.... I going to tell you guys at the apartment cause I don't want to tell you right here now because Sierra will be like (I'm mocking Sierra's voice lol. Sorry Sie ^__^ ) OH IS ZAYN NOW YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND LIKE LIAM." I said mocking Sierra. "Yeah don't tell her I did that"  

"Its fine. I won't." he said between laughter. "Well we are here. lets go"  

I was scared of what are they going to say when I tell. I don't even know if I am. Its been since yesterday and yeah I need to text Liam to come. 

To: Daddy Direction :) - Hey Liam, come to mine and Sierra's apartment. ASAP. Its a best friend meeting and it's important. 

I put my phone back in my little purse and went with Zayn to the elevator.  

"Are you OK, Heidi. You look scared like you have seen a Ghost." Zayn said 

"Uuuummmm y-yeah I'm fine." I stuttered. I did felt a little shaky. Once the elevator open we walk out and walk to my apartment. Zayn grabbed me by the wrist and turn me around to look at him. I was confuse in why he stop me. I look straight in to his eyes. 

"Heidi, if it's something that you think me and Sierra would be mad at I promise you that we aren't."  

"I will hope that you won't be"  

"Heidi?" I heard someone called me. I move Zayn to look who it was. 

"Liam what are doing here?" Zayn ask. 

"I texted him to come. He needs to know too." I said. The three of us went into my apartment since I have the key. I look to see Sierra on the couch watch TV and of course on her phone. I roll my eyes and sat next to her. "Do you ever stop being on your phone, Sierra. Like really." I said. 

"I texting my mom you dork."  

"Haha.... Sorry"  

"So what's so important that you want me and Zayn and..... Why is Liam here." Sierra said pointing to Liam. 

"I'm sorry that she me wants me here to know as well" He said sarcastically.  

I palmed my forehead and look at them. Why can't these kids get along like normal people? "OK. Liam, Shut up and Sierra......, Shut up" Zayn giggle a little of what I said. The three of us glare at Zayn. Once he looks at us he stayed quite. "Right, well I have two things I want to say and it will be hard to explain" I said. 

"Well shoot"  

"OK, well the first Liam knows so he doesn't have listen. Anyways, by the I finish high school. I would be moving here but will be living with Lou and Harold."  

"So, your moving here once you finish high school which is a month from now?" Sierra said and I nod. "We then if your moving then I guess now I could say this." I raise my eyebrow as look at her. "I'm going to move here to but I'm still debating." I shared glance with Liam then to Zayn. 

"Well I will happy to be with you. If you want, if you do move, you could move in with me." Zayn said smiling at Sierra. 

"Yeah, OK. But I'm still debating. I'll let you know when I an. So enough about this. So, Heidi what's the second thing you want to tell us?" she said. I chocked on my drink cause I wasn't paying attention. They all started laughing at me. 


"Well are you going to tell-" Liam was cut off when he got a text. "It's Louis. He's asking if I'm with you and that him, Harry, and Niall are waiting for us his house."  

"Well tell him no that your not with me and tell him that you will be there in 20 minutes." I told him and he nod texting Louis.  

"Come on Heidi, we don't have much time we need to go and plus I'm hungry."  

"Yeah Zayn we all are. But OK, the whole reason I want you two to listen is-"  

"Wait, why not me." Zayn cut me off. I glare at him while Sierra hits him in the back of his arm. 

"Like I was saying. Is because that I might......"




Sorry I had to stop there. 

Well hope you all like it. Its kind of a twist there. Different from my original one. But hope it not bad. 

Well let me know what you think of this chapter. 

And sorry for updating late been busy for summer school.

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