Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


13. Pregnant

"Like I was saying. Is because that I might...... be..... pregnant" I said very nervously. The three share glance and it was a bad one but for some reason I heard Sierra laugh a little. 

"OK first of all, Are you pulling a joke on us or something because I'm not falling for it at all" she said as she raise her both eyebrows. 'Crazy chick' but I still love her to death. I shook my head this time showing her my nervousness. I'm scared if I was but at least I'm not 16, for long. She looks at me and frown. "Ohh my god, your serious. Heidi, what the hel_ that's it I'm going to kill your boyfriend." she got up angrily like she wants to punch someone. I look at Zayn giving him the 'Get your dam girlfriend' look. He nod and ran get Sierra which she was already by the door. She punching Zayn in the back and yelling at him to put her down but he just ignore her and put her back down on the couch. She looks at me very mad. Yeah, thanks for the promise Zayn, Sierra is really not angry at me. "Heidi, why won't you let me kill him?" She was finally calm but I knew she was still angry. 

"OK, you really think I would let you kill Lou? No! And plus the guys need him" I yell at her. She was getting in my nerves but its wired that I haven't heard Li- 

"Heidi, I need to talk to you in private" He got up and went to my room. I'm dead meat. I look at Sierra, she still has that anger expression and I don't blame her. She sees that I was in tears in fear. I see that her mood change fast. She came to me and hug me. 

"Its OK Heidi, I'm not mad I'm afraid that-- I don't know, what would you do."  

"Not giving in adoption that's for sure. But-" 

"Heidi!!!" I heard Liam in my room. I'm pretty sure he's mad at me.  

"OK well I need to see Liam. Can you go buy me a pregnancy test please." I ask Sierra. She nod and grab Zayn and the keys and left. 

Before walking to the room I heard the door open. I check to see who it was and it was Sierra. "Heidi, just don't make me find you naked but with Li-" 

"Ohh my God Sierra, no!!! Just go and get the Pregnancy test!!" She rush out of the door laughing. I was standing in front of my door and sigh. I open the door to see Liam covering his face. I don't even know if he was either crying or angry. I hope it's crying.


Liam's P.O.V.


I left to Heidi's room waiting for her so we could talk alone. She couldn't be pregnant. She probably knows that I would kill Louis. In the other hand, the management will kill him as well, but mostly me. She's like a sister to me and if anything happen to her I would be pissed and be also pissed at Lou for not taking good care of her. No, I dont love her- well I do as a friend/sister. I would never let her get hurt. 

"Liam??" I heard Heidi walk in. I look up and see that he eyes were red and puffy. She walk up and sat next to me and grabbed my hand. "Your mad at me?" I could be mad at her. It wasn't her fault, nor it wasn't Louis'.  

"No, I'm not mad. I'm just worry. Are you really pregnant?" 

"Well I don't know, Liam. That's why I told Sierra to go get the pregnancy test so we can figure this so I think we should cancel this dinner."  

"I'll call Harry and Lou and tell them that we are all not going any more." I said and gave a smile. I took out my phone and dial Harry. It rang a couple of time till he answer. 

"Liam!!?? Where are you? We knock on your and no one answer." it was Louis who answer the which now I don't know how to tell him. 

"I'm with Heidi, Sierra, and Zayn right now in the girls apartment. Heidi want to tell me something." I said. Heidi me a 'what the heck' look. I ignore it still talking to Louis. 

"OK but we are going out right?" 

"ohh well that's why I'm calling we are not going. Something came up." I heard chuckles on the other line which was quite wired. 

"LiLi you know I love you and you know that your very close with Heidi but you know-" 

"Yes I know. I'm not stupid, Lou"  

"Or are you"  

"very funny Louis. Well I got to go see you soon" 

"OK tell Heidi that I love her." 

"Will do, Lou. Bye" Once I hang up I look up at Heidi. She look angry. 

"Liam what the hell!!! Now I have tell Louis what I told you and you know he won't stop till I tell him." she said. 

"I know but he won't though"  

"How would you." she put hands on her hips like Louis. No wonder Louis loves her. 

"Ohh Louis said that he love." she clam a little when I told her that. It really help a little. She was just afraid. The door open appearing Sierra with a smirk on her face. 

"Well I caught you guys before you made a move Li-"  

"Sierra!!!" Heidi yell at her. "Stop please!!! Do you have it."  

"Yeah right here" she said. Heidi grabbed it and ran to the bathroom. I hope it's negative.


Heidi's P.O.V.


I close the door and lock so I could be alone. I don't what to do when I found out if I'm pregnant or not. I did what direction say on the box and now I'm waiting for the result. 

*five minutes later*  

I stand up on my stirring position going close to the sink where the test was at. I grabbed it and looked at it. "OMG" I can't believe its true. I'm pregnant, what would Louis said. Should I tell him or should I not. What am I going to do. 

"Heidi are you OK" Liam said on the other side of the door. I open the door and seeing him standing in front of me worry. "You OK?" he ask again. I look down and gave him the test. 

"I'm p-pregnant Liam. Louis is the father." I should be happy but I'm only 16 turning 17 tomorrow. I can't tell him. I have to leave back home. "I can't tell Louis, Liam. What if he-" 

"Heidi calm down. Nothing will happen."  

"You promise?" 

"I promise, Heidi. But your going to have to tell him. He's your boyfriend you know. He loves you so much. I have never seen him that happy in my career." He said but I'm to coward to tell him. "Just go lay down try to get some rest. I have to go and I will promise I won't tell Lou unless you want me to. I will see you tomorrow." I could stop crying at all. It hurt how much I screwed this up. All I did was nod and walk to my bed a lay down and feel deeply into a sleep. 

I woke in a horrible nightmare. I checked the time it was 3:02 in the morning. I got out of bed and started packing up. I couldn't be here anymore. I can't tell him. He might not accept the baby. Once I get home I know my parents will be very supportive with my decision. I'm keeping the baby. Not abandon him or her. I got in to iPhone and booked a plane back to California. I dial my sister really quickly letting her know I'm going back home. It rang five time till someone answer. 

"Hello" Rosa said. 

"Hey sis, just letting you know that I'm leaving earlier. If you pick me up please." I ask. 

"Sure, of course but why leave so earlier and why your leaving your friend behind." 

"I tell you when I get there and Sierra will understand why I left." 

"OK then well I see you soon then ok and happy birthday from over there. I miss you. Bye." 

"Thanks sis, and I miss you too. See you soon bye." I hung up the phone and I packed up my bags. I hope they will understand. I wrote a letter and left it on the counter. I turn off my phone so if Sierra or the lads call or text. I won't hear it. I was out of the hotel waiting for a taxi. I wave my hand motion the taxi to a stop. I got in and put my bag next me. I put a fake smile on my face and return a smile. 

"Where to sweetie." he ask. 

"To the airports. I'm going home." I said. He nod and drove off. Please forgive me Louis for leaving like this

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