Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


2. Phone Call

Louis's P.O.V.



I actually have her number. She is very beautiful and funny. I do hope to see her. Once I got home still smiling about what happen at the store. I see Harry looking at me wonder why am I smiling about. But instead he said " HEY!!!!! Lou your finally home where's the box's of tea?" "Ohh right here. Here you go Harold" giving him the box. I felt like telling him that I saw a beautiful girl at the store and that I have her number. But then again I'll tell him later. " So Lou lets call the others and make a party" Harry said. "Ohhh yeah lets do that but hey can I ask you something" I was nervous to tell him. "Yeah what sup you know I'm here for you Louis" I know that I could trust him in anything bit is it the right time to introduce her to them? "I met this girl at the store. She's very pretty and funny and I'm wondering if I can invite her so you guys can meet her." Harry was looking at me very wired. I hope he say yes because I want to get to know her a little bit more. "Yeah of course Lou." I was happy that he said yes. I can't wait to call her and tell her. "OK let me call and........" "Wait wait wait wait wait you have her number already?" He interrupted me with a huge surprise on his face. "Yeah why is it bad?" nervously looking at him. "No I'm actually happy go for it call her Lou" he said. So I went to my room and call her.



Heidi's P.O.V.



I got back to the apartment very happy. Sierra was wondering why I was so happy about. I told her everything that happen at the store and she didn't believe me. I told her that he has my number that he would call me or text me. Sierra started laughing and said "ohhh Heidi let me know when your head is not going crazy OK." She walks away going straight to her room. She turn around and I gave her and angry face. I look away and sat on the couch and turn on the TV.



Sierra's P.O.V



Something is wrong with her. She doesn't admit that she met a cute Guy at the store. I hope when she cools down she will tell me what really happen. So I stayed in my room on my laptop going to Skype my parents because I promise them that I will but then I forgot my password. Silly me I don't know why I always forget everything. So I text my parents telling them that I will Skype them tomorrow. They said OK.



Heidi's P.O.V.



While I was watching TV my phone started to ring. I couldn't believe it. He's really calling me. "Stay calm Heidi stay calm" I said to myself. I thought he wasn't going to call me at all. I guess I thought wrong. So I pick up it up and answer the phone and said "Hello."

Heidi's P.O.V.



Louis: Hey its Louis.

Me: I know. I couldn't help but to smile every time I hear his sweet voice.

Louis: Well I'm going to have a party soon if you want to come. It would be fun.

I couldn't help but to smile. Me: Yeah I would like to go. Let me get ready first.

Louis: Good I'll pick you up at seven then.

Me: OK I'll be ready. Can I bring my friend. I don't want to leave her alone. Sierra look at me all wired wonder who I was talking to.

Louis: Yeah of course. I'll see you later. bye

Me: bye



Louis's P.O.V.



Once I hang up on her. I felt really happy that she is going to come. I yell out Harry. "Harry!!!!!!!!!! Come here!!!!!! I need to tell you something!!!!!!!" He came rushing down the stairs. "What happen Lou?? Why are you yelling my name???" I was smiling at him making him uncomfortable. "What are you looking at me all wired??" he said. " she said yes I'm going to pick her up in a little" very happy about her coming to our house and meet the lads. "Alright Lou I'm excited to meet her." "yeah well going to go pick her up see you soon" I said leaving the house.



Harry's P.O.V.


"Later Lou see you soon" telling him when he close the door. I was looking at the window seeing him leave with my car. walking to the kitchen seeing Niall in the fridge eating the food the we were going when Lou brings Heidi here. "Niall!!!!" I said laughing at him. I look away and kept on laughing.



Niall's P.O.V.


I don't know why Harry call my name. I was hungry. I'm always am Hahaha.


Heidi's P.O.V.



I hang up the the phone and started doing a little happy dance till I saw Sierra looking at me like I'm some kind of crazy person. I look at her and ask her "so do you and to come with us." "OK first of all who was that on the phone and where are you going I thought we were going to a movie here?" Sierra said with an angry look on face. "Well Louis called and ask if I wanted to come to a party with him." "Oooookkkkkkk Louis called you when are you going to stop lying and just tell me the truth that it's just a cute Guy that you saw at the store." I was getting irritated of her not believing me. "It's not it was Louis!!!!" I started crying of anger. I didn't want to argue with her so i told her that I'll just walk and leave her here alone. Sierra said "Well fine go!!! Don't be crying to me when something bad happens." "Ok first of all nothing bad is going to happen cause I'll be with Louis." Sierra roll her eyes and said " whatever, go have fun with a random guy." I just walk out of the door angry. Closing the door and walking away crying. i started scratching my arm very hard trying to cut myself since i have really big nails. i started felling dizzy. I was looking down and didn't know where i was going. I bump into someone. "I'm sorry" I said looking up and seeing Louis looking at me crying. I whip all my tears out before he see me. But it was to late. 



Sierra P.O.V.



I hate when she's like that. I don't know why she can't just admit that she met a cute. I know that I should believe her as a true friend. But every time she tells me that she met Louis didn't made believe her. We didn't know if One Direction is in town. We would of been walking trying to look for them crazy. But no. All she want right now is attention.









Sorry for the WAIT. So much stuff, Homework, and  Project to do for school. So hope you all like it.


--- Heidi :) <3

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