Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


11. Paparazzi

Heidi's P.O.V


It's been a while that I haven't got on twitter or any social network. I felt like if I did I'll see something about me with Louis or with all the boys but I didn't care. I got up of my bed try not to wake up Louis. I went downstairs to get my laptop cause I haven't went back to my apartment at all well two days. I figure I should tell Louis if I could move but am I ready? Then I thought of Liam. I forgot to tell him. I grab my phone and look at it. I started thinking maybe later. He's probably sleeping or with Danielle so I drop my phone on the couch and got my laptop. I waited for to load and got on twitter. I clicked on my profile and Boom I had a lot of follower. I was think how people found out about me till I saw a news tweet.

Twitter News: One Direction with two mystery girls at Denny's. As you could see Louis hugging a girl and Zayn hugging the other girl. They both seem really happy with them. On the other hand here is two pictures of them going in and out Denny's. OK you Directioner what you think of Louis's and Zayn's new girlfriends in there life. Are you happy for them or not.


I was shock what I saw. I didn't see any paparazzi by Denny's at all. But everytime I come in and out of the flat I see them shooting at me and asking my name. All I did was ignore them but the lady in side told them my name which got me mad. The thought of her I wanted to punch her in the face. I scrolled down and see so many tweets a of fans and specially my friends. I giggle a little of what my friends said but didn't want to tell them yet that dating Louis. Then again it's all over twitter. I scrolled down even more and found another news tweet. Great what now. I clicked it and quickly scan through the article. 'Crap' I said to myself. They found out about my name and also my twitter and also Sierra. No wonder I have 12K followers. Some were saying mean things about me and the other half were supportive on us. Awwww how sweet. I ignore everything except the the people that that were saying nice things. I tweeted something to them:  

Thank you for the support. Me and @Louis_Tomlinson are very happy together and I will promise you all that I wouldn't hurt him. I love him to much and pretty much you love him as well. I won't let guys down.  

Once I tweeted that I had a lot of comments. One says that there happy to see him smile a lot and that how he was looking at me that was true love. I'm glad the hates didn't bother me that but I knew it will hurt Sierra. My Sierra, basically Zayn's but she my best friend. I logged out of twitter and off my laptop. Grabbed my phone and text Liam since I really need advice from him.  

to:Daddy Direction;) - Hey Liam you busy right now?  

As I waited for a text. I turned on the TV and started watch my favorite show Scrubs. I heard my phone buzz, I pick up my phone and unlock it. 

from:Daddy Direction;) - I was going to ask you the same thing and no I'm not busy. Are you OK 

to:Daddy Direction;) - I'm not doing nothing you want to come over I actually want to talk to you about something and yes, I'm fine.  

from:Daddy Direction;) - OK, well I'll be there in five minutes or three. 

I text him back saying OK and got up and went straight to the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone if they come. I heard the doorbell so I went to open the door. 

"Liam!!!! Your here finally" I said to Liam. 

"OK I dont live that far from here. I live two houses from here." 

"well it seems like you do." I said laughing. "Come in Liam" He walks and sat on the couch 

"So where's Lou" He ask. 

"He's sleeping. That's why I called you. To take to you." 


"Well I need advice. Should I move with Louis or should not. I've been thinking about it with Harry and I don't know if I should. We both love each and I'll do anything to be with him"  

"Well he's a lucky guy. I think you should bit aren't you leaving in like five days." 

"Yes, Liam, but I want to tell him tomorrow so that way maybe I'll buy some clothes and leave them here and take the clothes that I brought from home and then when I'm done with school I wi____" the door bell cutting me off. I went to go open and no it wasn't the rest of the boys. It was the dam paparazzi. Ughh how I hate them. They can't leave us alone. Like really who wants to bother celebrities like this. Made I would but not this. You get what I mean. 

(P will stand for paparazzi cause I don't want to put them into quotes) 

"P - Why is Liam doing here? Are guy secretly date? Are you cheating on Louis if you are, why? Where is Louis? Are you guys not together anymore?" 

God there annoying. Why would they ask such stupid question?  

"Liam can come here when the freak he wants. No, we are not secretly date, he's my best friend. No I'm not cheating on Louis. Only stupid people would do that. Louis is sleeping and I know it's late but he was tired. We are happily still together. Thank you all but you all need to leave or I'll call the popo." I. tell them. They started running out which made me laugh. I turn to see a confuse Liam. "What" I ask. 

"Why did you answer all there question?"  

"So they could leave and they did" 

"But you could of just close the door" 

"Yeah but then they won't leave. You want them here"  



"You're very smart, Heidi."  

"I know well I guess I need to tell Lou if I can move and wake him so we can eat our late breakfast so you call the others and I'll wake up my lover." Liam just laugh and nod as he took out his phone and text everyone. As everyone came and I woke up Louis. We all ate and told funny stories. It was truly my best morning. I love everyone here and I truly deeply madly in love with Louis. (See what I did there? No? OK.)


Well I hope you all like it. I'll try to write more soon. :)  PROMISE :)

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