Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


6. Our Time Together

Louis's P.O.V.



I'm very happy that she. I kiss her one more till we both go back to Sierra and the lads and tell them the good news and mostly to check up on Sierra. We stand up and walk up to the door and went back to the livinroom. I can't believe ours eyes to see Zayn and Sierra kissing. We look at each and see our mouth are an "o" shape.



Heidi's P.O.V.



As Louis and I still keep staring at each other as shock as we are right now. Niall came up to us and told us what happen when we were not there."Soooo there dating now" Niall said in a funny voice. "Ya it's funny we were in the room for 20 minutes and we just came out of the room and see all the" I said laughing. "No it's wired not funny" Louis said. He had that wired face that I have never seen before. Instead of being shock we smile at and stay happy. "I'm happy Sierra" given her the look cause I know how much she likes Zayn. It's been two weeks Louis and I been together and Sierra and Zayn together. We dated in the same day so it's pretty funny but I'm happy that I'm with Louis. Sierra and I have 5 more week's left in our vocation. It's sad but I need to go home. I have school. I spent a lot of time with Louis. He's awesome. His smile I can't resist it and his blue eyes are like the ocean. He made me happy and complete.



Louis's P.O.V.



Being with Heidi is a dream. Been dating her already 2 weeks and I could be more happier about it. She's leaving in five weeks left with and I want to make it last. I'm sitting in the living think where should I take her on her last week here. Couldn't think of nothing. I heard my phone in kitchen. I felt lazy to as always but no one way in our flat so I got up. I check if it's Heidi. But it was Harry. 

From: Harold (: - Heyyy Lou what are you doing tonight. 

I want to go meet up with Heidi but she is busy. So is Sierra but I wonder what there doing because they didn't wanted to tell us. So I decided to hang out with my Harold for today. 

To: Harold (: - Hey Harold :) The girls are busy with something so I'm free for tonight. 

Till I waited for him to text back I decided to call Heidi to see what she up to.



Heidi's P.O.V.



I decide to spend time with Sierra because I miss her. I started thinking of our last week here in the UK. Dam I will miss this place especially Louis and the boys. I went with Sierra to buy something before we left. I told Louis that I want a girls night with Sierra for today but he doesn't know that we were buying something for him and zayn and of course the boys. "How about this one" I told Sierra. She looks at me and started laughing. "What me and Lou love this color" I protest. "How would you know" she argue back. "Duhhh!!! Sierra I'm a DIRECTIONER!!! You should know by now" I tease her. She roll her eyes at me and said "fine but I think you guys should match it would be really cute." I agree with so I bought the red strips shirts and white vans since we both already have red pants. I felt my vibrate in my back pocket. I knew it was Louis.

Me- Jello 

I love saying that to everyone but Sierra gets annoyed of it.

Louis- Hahaha heyyy babe what are you up to.

Me- With Sierra I told you. Why??

Louis- Ohh just wondering. I'm going to be with the lads if that's OK with you

Me- Of course

Louis- OK then well I'll see you soon I lo---- never mind bye.

Once he hang I look at phone and wonder why did he just hang up on without letting me say bye.



Louis's P.O.V.



I hang up on Heidi without her saying bye. How stupid am I. I'm ready to go see Harold at his flat. But I heard the bell. I went to go check who it was. "Heyyyy!!! Lou!!! We decided to come to you since Heidi is not here" Zayn said. I laugh at and let them in and of course Niall would be in be in the kitchen. Luckily I bought everyone some Nandos.

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