Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


28. Missing Her

Liam's P.O.V. 




"Who was that Liam?" he said. Well he goes nothing.







I sat down looking at Louis. He has his hands on his hips. He's so dramatic. I have to tell him one way or another.



"It was Heidi on the phone." I said calmly.



His eyes widen. He was speechless. "W-why didn't tell us?!? Is she OK? Who have her? Did she told you where they keep her?"



"Louis calm down I tell you everything." I said to him. He nod right away waiting for me to talk. I told everything. From going to see her. Telling him that The Wanted has her which he was pissed. Say that he has to be the one to get her.



"So they are letting her go but I have to be the one to get her?" he asked and I nod. "Tomorrow?" I nod again.



"Thank Nathan for helping. He's the one that convinced them to let her go. I didn't like how Max grabbed her when I saw her and I think she notice."



"If I would of been there I would have beat the crap-"



"Louis!" I warned him. "No start nothing when you get her or else they won't give her back to us." I said. He sighed and nodded






"Good now lets go play some Call Of Duty." I said so I could cheer him up. He smile and nod. We walk in the of the room seeing Zayn and Sierra cuddling together. Harry and Niall playing FIFA.



I see Louis' eyes glow when he saw what they're playing. "Can I play?" asked Louis. Harry nodded and hand him a control. They quit the game and put Louis in.




They have been playing FIFA for almost five hours. Harry yelling at Niall and he yell back. Louis gets made when he lose a game. Yeah pretty intents don't you think.



"You guys go to bed now. It's late and Louis needs to get up early tomorrow."



"Yes father." They mutter and walk to there bunck and went to sleep.



Louis' P.O.V.




I could sleep knowing I don't have Heidi with me by my side. I screwed up big time. I miss her so much. I already want to get her. She's my everything. I don't care if she's friends with them anymore. I want her and only her. I took out my phone and tweeted:


I'm missing her so much I hope your still safe @HeidiLuvs1D ILY

(A/N: That's actually my really twitter account. Didn't want to put random.)



I got a lot replies, re-tweets, and favorite but the one tweet made me happy.



@HeidiLuvs1D: @Louis_Tomlinson I miss you too. I'm safe, nothing bad happen. ILY too Lou <3



It made smile the she comment back but I when I saw a tweet from her:



Watching movies with Nathy, Tommy, Maxy, and JayJay while Silva visits his Gf. Miss you already lad.



OK that was yesterday. Not today. What got me mad is that he comment.



@HeidiLuvs1D I miss ya too Brownie. BTW she said Hii.



That's it! I'm very angry. I got off of twitter lock my phone and got out of my bunck and went to the front of the bus and see Sierra on the couch watching TV. Sat next to her seeing that she's watch Heidi's favorite show.



"I miss her Louis. Its been awhile."



"I know. I miss her too, good thing we get to see her tomorrow." I sigh



"I saw what she-" She was cut off when we heard a knock on the door "Who would be at our bus at this time of the morning?" She ask.



I shrug and said "I don't know. Paul, Simon, or Vanessa trying to get back with Harry."



"Eww it better not be her." She said in disgust and I chuckle.



"I'll go check." I laugh a little getting up going to the bus door. I open the door and Eleanor is standind in front of me. "Eleano?? What are you doing here?"



"I came to talk to you."



"About what?" I was confuse. What does she want to talk about.



"About...... Heidi."



My heart dropped.








2 more chapters to go!!! I have nothing else to do so I decided to finish this chapter.



Hope guys like it. Sorry for a short chapter.



--- Heidi :)

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