Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


21. Meeting The Parents... And Famliy

Louis' P.O.V.



"Babe, your gonna have to tell your mum." I said to Heidi.

"Noooo, what do want me to say? 'Hey mom I'm leave with my boyfriend the one that got me pregnant to LA for there concert and don't worry I won't have sex'." I raise my eyebrows and so did the lads. They flew here to see Heidi,Sierra, and me.

"Heidi, you do know that you don't have to say that?" Liam said.

"I know but really I don't-"

"Heidi please tell me you told them about me." I said cutting her off.

"No, I was going to but my stupid brother was saying that he was going to hurt you and doubt that... I can introduce you to my parents and my two brothers like if you want?"

I exchange glance at ever with the lads and they all nod. I smile and turn to Heidi said "We would love to meet them."


Heidi's P.O.V.



I'm happy that he said yes. I texted Andres telling him that I'm bringing my boyfriend and his friend over so they can meet my mom and dad. Andres knew Louis already so it won't be a shock for him but maybe my other brother Javier. So I'm a little nervous.

We all got out of the apartment and went into the tour bus that is park in parking lot. I got out my phone and got on twitter. I check my private message to see if I got a message from Nathan and I do. I have two one from Nath and from... Tom? I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I saw Nathan's message and then Tom's.


N: Heyy you :) I know you said we will message again tomorrow but I'm bored as hell and so..... here I am :)

He's cray-cray. I had a smile plasted on my face.


H: Awwww you miss me that much. ;)


I got out of mine and Nathan's convo and got on Tom's.


T: Hey I heard so much about you by Nathan. He doesn't shut up about... Well... about you. I never seen him this happy.


I blush the thought of making like that good thing I choose to by the bunks which I didn't know who's bunk I'm on.


H: Really.... and wow Tom your like my second favorite in the group.


"Heidi!!" I jumped once Louis yell my name. Why is he yelling for. I got out of the bunk and walk to the front of the bus.

"Louis what hell." I yell. He pull up his hand up in surrender and I shook my head smiling. "What ha- ohh we are here." I said. My phone buzz and a jump a little.

"Why did you just?"

"My phone buzz. I got a twitter message." I said and he nod. I check the message and it was from Nathan. I smile a little and read it.


N: Well of course your pretty cool to talk to and to be honest you are pretty.

H: Wow thanx. Your pretty cool as well and cute ^__^ *Giggles*


"OK lets go see my mommy." I said. everyone cheered and ran out of the bus. "Don't do nothing stupid!!" I tell them when I got out of the bus. As we got to the front door, I knock. 3 minutes later the door flew open and my mom was standing in front of us. (A/N: OK my mom speaks Spanish soooo, in this story she knows how to speak English... well because I don't really know how to type in Spanish so yeah. Back the story.) "Hola mom." I said. She looks at me and to boys and them back at me.

"And who are these boys? They look familiar." my mom said trying to figure it out. I heard footsteps and my brother Javier appear by the door.

I eyes were wide when he saw One Direction in back but them he smirked. 'Oh god, he better not say nothing to then.' I said to myself. I knew my brother is going to say something but I beat him to it. "Mom this the group I like One Direction." I said and then pointing to each and one of them. "This Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and my boyfriend Louis." my mom look shock but smile and hug each one of them.

"Nice you all and nice to finally meet you Louis. My daughter didn't told me the farther but now I know" she said as she hug Louis again. OK, this are going well. "Well come in. I mad food. Who's hungry?"

"Me!!!!!" Niall scream.

"Mom I think I'm going to order pizza as well because Niall here eats a lot and-" I said but my mom cut me off.

"Don't be silly honey. We have enough. I'm making burritos."

"Yeah, I love them." I said and everybody laugh and at my wiredness.

"So Heidi are you going to show them your room." Javier smirk. I glare at him at the fact that he knows my room is filled with One Direction stuff.

"Yeah show us you room. What's in your room by the way." Harry said. I was going to speak bur my brother beat me to it.

"Pictures of you guys on her mirror and a poster on her wall next her bed." my brother. The guys jaw dropped and looked. When they stop looking, they ran to my room.

I face palm and walk to my room. "Thanks a lot Javier." I mutter when I walk pass him.

"I love you too, sister" my brother beam. I heard laughter in the halls so I knew they found my room. I walked in my room and I see them sitting on my bed. Every girls dream, right?

"I love your room babe." Louis said. I glare at playfully. He laugh got up stand next to me and puts his hands in my hips and peck my lip. We all jump when we heard the doorbell.

"You guys stay here I know who's here and I'm pretty sure my mom told them."

"Who would your mum tell that we are here?" Harry ask confuse.

"Lets just say that you guys should hide before you guys get..... hurt." They all look at me in horror. I try to hide the smirk but it was really hard. With the blink of an eye they were hiding in my walk-in closet. I giggle a little and walk out of my room to see Rosemary, Anahi, my sister, my brother in-law, my older brother, my sister in-law, and there four kids. Great, just what I need. Note the sarcasm. "Hello everyone."

"Hey why is there a big bus in front of the house?" Ariana ask.

I glare at my mom a little and look back at Ariana. "Well... you see... umm... Just wait here." I speed walk to my room, open and close it. "Guys it's my family. I can't really hide you here." I said. They all pop there head out of the closet except Niall, he was under my bed. "Niall why are you under my bed?"

"Umm... hiding." Niall said in a 'Duhh' tone.

Everyone got out and I look to see who's missing. "Where's Harry?" They all pointed behind me so turn around and see a perverted Harry looking through my underwear drawer. "Harry, what the hell?" He flinch and right away put away my underwear.

"Sorry." he mutter. We started to laugh at him.

"OK everyone let go see my family." I said. I open the door but stop a little. I felt hands around me holding my belly. I know it was Louis. I smile when he kiss on the cheeks.

"Its OK babe. Everything will be fine." And I believe him. "I love you, Heidi." He whisper.

"I love you too, Louis." I whisper back and we all started to walk to the living room with Louis still hugging me from behind. When we were in front of my family. They all shock faces. Rosemary was close to tears and was staring at Harry. Anahi couldn't staring at Zayn, Ariana was the same. "Now you know why there is a bus in front of the house." I said laughing awkwardly.

"Who the hell are they and why is he hold you like the." Jesse said angrily. Sometimes I always think he slow with everything and why in hell he would get mad that Louis is hold me like this. Ohh that's right because he never let me say it the day I came back home when I told my family that I am pregnant.

"Well Jesse, this is One Direction." I said in a 'Duhh' ton but continue. "This is Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and last but not least my boyfriend and father of OOOUUUURRRRR baby, Louis Tomlinson." For some reason he glaring at Louis which I'm kinda got me pissed off.

"Heidi I think he's mad."

"Yeah I know that Harry but he doesn't scared me." I whispered back.

"How old is he?" Jesse ask. I tense up and Louis notice so he talked. Hopefully he doesn't say his real age. I would be dead and so will he.

"I'm 18 sir." he lie and he didn't hesitated on saying it.

"What year?"


"So your 19?"

"No sir. I turn 19 in December." It was an awkward silence once again with us and my family. Louis lets go of my and stand next to me with one hand still wrapped around my waist.

"Well I still don't think you should date my sister." OK now I'm very piss and everybody knew that I'm going to blow. Ever since middle school my brother would always pressure me. But not today. We didn't plan on having a baby. It was a mistake but I'm not regretting it now cause I'm going to love this baby and so would Louis. I had enough with my brother bossy me around and I'm not scared.

"NO CARES WHAT YOU THINK JESSE!!" I yelled and snap at him. Everyone was shock and so was him. I didn't care if he was my brother. I love Louis and I'm leave him. "I'M NOT FUCKING 13 ANYMORE, NOR I'M A BABY. I JUST TURN 18, JESS. I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL NO MORE. I MAKE MY DECISION NOT YOU. I LOVE LOUIS AND WE BOTH DIDN'T PLAN ON HAVING A BABY IT JUST HAPPEN."

"So if you guys didn't plan having a baby, then why did you open your legs and let that Louis guy in?" I felt Louis tense up a lot. He is very angry of what my brother said to me. He let me go and I knew he going to punch my brother. Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Niall all grabbed Louis before he walked up to my brother. I backed a little not wanting Louis to hit my stomach on accedent.


"Louis, calm down mate. You are scaring Heidi." Harry said. Louis soften and look at me with pure worry. I look away from his gaze and slid down and started to cry.

He crotch down next to me. "Babe... I-I didn't mean to scare you... I'm so sorry."

"Louis it's fine... I'm fine" reassuring I was OK but he didn't believe me.

"No... babe I'm sorry-"

"Baby, please. I'm OK lets just get my stuff and leave. I know what he said and he deserve your anger."

"Your leaving?" Ariana ask. I looked and nod. "But... Why?" I was now in tears. I can't be here any more. Louis help and wrapped one are around me.

"Because Ari... I'm not going to feel wanted if your 'Dad' will not accept my happiness." I said. I look at my to see her in tears. It breaks my heart to see her like this. "Mom?"

"Honey I'm fine with you going with them." she said. She got up and walked close to where me and Louis is at and said "I'm not going to pressure you to leave. If you love then go."

"Don't worry Mrs. Garcia. I will bring her back before she's in labor. She will have her baby here." Louis said looking at me and smile. I smile back and kiss him. "I love you daughter and I would take good care of her."

"I'm sure you will and thank you." my mom hugged us but was careful not hurt me. She kiss the both of and said "Be careful mi ninia"

"I will." 



The six of us went in my room and packed all my stuff in a box. Once all my stuff were packed the boys put the in the bus. I said my goodbyes to my family which I'm not going to see till when I come back before my labor. I got on the bus look out the window and wave to my family.

"Babe?" Louis ask.


"Are you OK."

"Yeah... I will miss them... But it was my choice Sooo..." I trail off and just hug Louis.

"It's OK baby maybe we get tickets and backstage passes for them?" Louis offer.

I shook my head and said "I'll be fine without them. I love you."

"I love you too but Heidi should we invite Sierra to?"

"No worries. I already did." Zayn said. "We going to pick her up right now."

"Yeah, so I won't be the only girl here." I teased. They all glare at me playfully. 'This should be fun' I said to myself.

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