Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


10. Made Up With Love

Louis's P.O.V




When I was going to see Heidi in my/her room. A lot of thoughts came through my head. I've thought what I was going to say and not mess it up. I knew she's a strong girl. Very outgoing and funny, like me. When her big brown eyes lights up when I hold her tight. She's perfect. As I pass Harry's room I decided to check up on him since I didn't see him downstairs with the others. 

'knock knock' "Come in" I heard Harry said. I figure he was awake. He didn't had a tired voice. I open the door to see my best mate hanging his clothes in the closet. 

"Harold what are you doing" I ask him. 

"Well umm.. I decided to move in if that's OK with you. Come on mate please." he beg 

"How come you didn't tell me. You know I would said yes on one condition." I ask. I figure he would help in this little thing. I'm going to try take her out just the two of us. I need Harry to go downstairs and get little box that I bought her. It's not the only gift I bought her. The second gift I would give her when she leave to the airport which is around the corner.  

"Sure Lou" 

"Do you remember the little necklace I bought her?" 


"Well I hid it under the sink in the kitchen and give it to me." I told him. He smile like he was going to say something but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the necklace. I'm excited to give her this necklace. I was going till our one year anniversary but she will be back in the US and I would be on tour. 

As I was walking to my bedroom door I waited for Harry to come so I give it to her. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I went to check and it wasn't Harry. It was Liam. 

"Hey Lou, what are you waiting for go in there." he said to me. 

"I'm waiting for Harold."  

"For what?" he said so confused. 

"I'm giving her the necklace that I bought her. I have the one in my neck right now. It has her name on it and . Its her favorite colors." 

"Which is?"  

"Red and purple." I gave him a big smile and he smile back. Since our first date she told me how she change favorite colors. It was first blue because her whole family loves the color and she said back when she was little she liked the blue power ranger. Then it was red and black because her favorite rock band. Then it was purple because she was 'In Love' with Justin Bieber in her younger teen years. I laugh so hard when she told me that her little nieces haded a cut bored of him and her nieces and her take turn kissing him. She still loves purple today but when she heard about us she went all fangirl on us. I awwwed when she told us that we change her life even if her and us never met she thought of us like family but she fell in love the craziest person in the group. Which is me of course. But now that we are dating it was different. I didn't want it different. I wanted her to be in love with for me but she doesn't fall in love easily because of one reason. Her old Stupid Ex Boyfriend. If I ever know her ex I would hurt that guy. He has no rights to pressure a girl like that.  

"Lou!!!" I heard Harry running up the stairs. "I got it!!!"  

"Perfect now I could talk to her but when do I give it to her?" I said now not know what to if something bad happens. 

"When I hear happiness" Liam said 

"Wait your staying here to listen to us. It's private tho__" 

"Just to make that you don't yell at her or say nothing stupid." 

"OK then. Well here we go"


Heidi's O.P.V



As I heard someone knock on the door I simply knew it was Lou. I walk up to the door and open it and there was Lou, Harry, and Liam. 

"What are u guys doing here" I understand why Louis was here. It's his house and his room duhh. But he was here to talk to. Liam took a dam hour to get him here 'wired' but I didn't care. 

"I want to talk to you." Louis said 

"Yeah sure just you right cause there's Harry and Liam by the door." 

"No there not." he said. Before he close the door in there faces he said bye. I laugh a little. Of course he would do that which that's why I like him. He pass me to still in the corner of the bed. He tap on the bed meaning to sit next to him. I was nervous. I don't know why. He was everything to me. His silliness, his stripes shirt, his body, he was also tall which made feel so short but he is perfect. 

"So what sup BooBear." I said to him. He was pretty confuse cause I wasn't yelling at him or nothing. I didn't blame him. I wasn't that mad but it did hurt. 

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you in anyway. Your my girlfriend and I should respect you." I nod what he said to let him know to continue. "Your everything to me and I don't want to lose you because.....because I LOVE YOU." Did he just say that he loves me? I can't believe it. I was dotting there shock. I didn't knew what to say or do he is just sitting there waiting for my response. I could speak at all. I'm always opening my mouth and close it back. "I understand that you don't. I have to say I'm truly madly deeply in love with you with you" I started laugh because he used the name of their song. God I love that song. I imagine any guy telling me like that in the one direction name. It would be funny but cute but didn't had luck. He got up kiss me on the forehead and walk away. I couldn't let him leave. No. I won't let him. 

"BooBear!!! wait!!!!" I said. He turn when I jump on him. I wrapped myself around waist still hiding my face on his shoulder. 

"whoa babe" He was shock like very shock. It's pretty funny though because it was the first time I did that. I look up to see him and smile. He smile back at me and it was adorable. I hold his face like I would do to my crush back home and I kiss him passionately. It is the most best feeling ever. I would never replace him for any guy. He's perfect and he's all mine. He stop kissing me to catch his breath. He looks at me still smiling. 

"I LOVE YOU Too Babe." I said to him. He smile big and wide. I know he's the one for me.



Louis's P.O.V



She finally said that she loves me. I thought for a minute there that she wasn't going to say it at all. I put her down and took out the black box and gave it to her. "Whats this Louis?" she ask still smiling. I give her the look to open it and she did. When she open it her eyes open wide of excitement. "OMG Lou this is beautiful. I love it. You didn't have to." 

"I wanted to. To show you how much I love you and look I have one to." I took out the necklace that is around my neck and showed it to her. The face that she made was priceless. It made me smile. 

"So you have the other half?" she ask. 

"No someone else has it." She playfully hit me in the should. She hugged me and whisper in my ears that I could never she would say. When she moved away she stared at while butting her lips. I hold on to her on to her waist and pushed her to the wall. We both look into each others eyes with no distraction. As I cup her cheeks my lips met hers. It was a heavily kiss filled with passion. Her hands were going up and down on my back making me gasp. I move down my hand to her waist and pulled her close to me. My lips escape from hers going down to her neck Giving her little kisses. She push me straight to my bed and sat me down. I felt she is going to fast. Don't get me wrong I really want to but ever since she told me here incident with her ex Boyfriend I didn't want to pressure her into it. I didn't tell her that I love her to 'get in her pants'. It's made up with love. She was only 13 when it happen. But now she's 15 turning 16 in fours days days I still think she's not ready even if she said she is. She told me how excited she was to come her to London on her birthday. When she told me her birthday I record it in my head so I could throw a party for her. It's a good thing I do. 

"Lou" I heard Heidi cutting me off from my thoughts. 

"Mmm" I said waiting for her to response. But I was to busy kissing her neck. 

"Why are you not doing nothing?" she ask. I stop kissing her to look at her. I was a little confused what she mean. 

"What do you me?" 

"You know. Thrusting me o-or or__" I cut her because I knew what she meat by me doing nothing. 

"Your still not ready babe and don't tell me that you are." I told her I rolled off of her getting up in a sitting position. She look at in a sad face. "Believe I do want but__" she cut me off.  

"Then why won't we do it now?" 

"Well first we have guesses here. Second I still think your to young and not ready. Third If we do do-it I want it in a right day, right time, and right place and I want it perfect."  

"Hahaha you do have a point and there were pretty good reasons." she said between laughter. 

"Why thank you babe, so what do you say?"  

"What do I say!?!? Of course I'll wait." we both hugged after our whole agreement. 

"So lets go down and hang out with Sierra and the lads there waiting for us downstairs." 

"Yeah lets go or we could all go out for dinner"  

"Good idea Heidi lets go and tell everybody." I said to her. We walked downstairs to everyone there. Everyone look and seeing us holding hands. they were all smiling. They were happy that we were not fight or nothing. 

"Hey guys lets all go out to dinner." Heidi tells everybody. They all agree on it. They up and got ready and off to Dennis. (A/N: Do they have a Dennis in London? Now I'm wondering.)

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